James Nesbitt’s new hair steals attention from world’s top footballers

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James Nesbitt hair transplant resultsPicture the scene. It’s one of football’s most prestigious nights of the year: Fifa’s award ceremony, the Ballon d’Or gala. Barcelona’s super striker Lionel Messi faced Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo, and Twitter was alive….with comments regarding the host’s hair line. Critics will always be quick with the quips, and Twitter users were quick as ever in sharing their opinions.

Irish presenter James Nesbitt was hosting the evening and was sporting an unusually voluminous hair style, a marked difference from recent public appearances, where a clearly visible receding hair line was more apparent. Nesbitt is no stranger to hair transplant therapy; it is believed that this could be the third hair transplant that he has undergone. Like the experience of many other men, one transplant often isn’t enough to keep up with the ongoing problem of hair loss. Nevertheless, the other hypothesis of Twitter’s many observational critics though, is that this particular transformation could have been the result of an overly enthusiastic hair piece….

“Finding James Nesbitt’s newly knitted hair very odd looking”

“James Nesbitt’s squirrel – what was that all about?”

Understanding the motivations behind having hair transplant

Regardless of the jibes, hair transplantation is all about the individual feeling more confident. If having thicker, fuller hair and a more complete hairline is important to James Nesbitt, then what better place to show off his new hairline than on the international screen. For Nesbitt, he has previously been a strong advocate of hair transplant therapy, featuring in an advertising campaign for a hair loss clinic called Blackrock just two years ago.

Weighing up the chance of success of hair transplant

For people considering the route of hair transplantation, it is important to set realistic expectations, and to accept that, like Nesbitt, you may need to have more than one course of treatment over your life to keep on top of the issue of thinning hair and a creeping hairline. If the cause of your original hair loss is genetic, it will continue to fall or recede after the first operation, so it is always possible that subsequent operations may be required in order to maintain a look that you are fully happy with.

Hair transplant operations have a good success rate, and assuming the transplant process is successful and the implant seed successfully, transplanted hair can last as long as the remainder of the patient’s life. As with many things, each case is unique and carries its own balance of risks and rewards, so it is important to discuss with your surgeon the reason why you are experiencing hair loss, to understand whether or not you are likely to require further treatments down the line.


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