It looks like Sylvester Stallone might be losing his hair


The movie industry has many stars that are well known mainly due to how well their publicists market them. This is part and parcel of the business because a film’s success depends on the box office draw of the main actors or actresses. There are some whose fame carries them to do a new movie. Others become less popular and fall into obscurity. A few however, transcend the status quo and become icons.
Each genre would have notable artists to represent it. Marlon Brando and Katherine Hepburn could arguably be among the best examples for drama. Charlie Chaplin and Robin Williams are without a doubt two of the most beloved figures in comedy. Bruce Lee could very well be the king of action films. There are a lot of names that were also able to make it in this field however one of the most recognisable ones would have to be Sylvester Stallone.
His most early success ironically came from a dramatic role in the movie that he himself wrote, Rocky. This is a Hollywood classic that has spawned numerous sequels depicting the life of a boxer and his family. Stallone played the part so well that it brought him out of obscurity and catapulted him into movie stardom. The success of Rocky also led to another film franchise in the form of First Blood where he played the part of the renegade John Rambo. This is the movie that solidified him as a true action star. Many different roles followed that would depict him as an enforcer of the law, boxer, member of the armed forces or a gangster.
Sly Stallone began his movie career in the 1970s. His long list of acting roles is a testament to his staying power. He is already sixty-eight years old though it does not seem that he has aged to a significant degree. This could be attributed in large part to his fitness regimen though it may also be credited to the maintenance of his hair.
A closer inspection of his scalp would reveal a thick mane. There would almost be no trace that treatment was done to improve his appearance. In fact, even looking through the movies he has starred in or the photographs taken of him in the past would give scant evidence that he was losing his hair. Maybe this awareness to camouflage a very natural condition such as balding was made easy for him because his father was a successful hair expert and beautician. There was only some indication that he was experiencing hair loss around the temporal regions of his scalp. This did not progress toward the thinning of the frontal area however because it seems that he was always able to maintain his thick head of hair.
There is a good chance that Stallone may be losing hair at his age. About 70% of men will experience androgenic alopecia at one stage of their life or another. With the advent of modern technologies to treat hair loss coupled with the close contact he has with image consultants whether through work or his father, it would be very easy for him to remedy any balding condition. If he were able to do it throughout his career, he would definitely be able to do the same in this day and age.
A scalp micropigmentation (SMP) treatment is a relatively new technology that makes the use of carefully placed pigments on the scalp to create an illusion of a full head of hair. This could be used to create a “just shaven” appearance, to thicken a thinning scalp or to hide scarring on the head. SMP could certainly be something that Stallone would consider using to improve his looks. His image as an action movie hero would definitely benefit from such an efficient and accessible procedure such as SMP.


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