Indian star opts for hair transplant

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JD hair loss

JD hair lossIndian actor-producer Jamanadas Majethia recently underwent an eight hour hair transplant procedure. During a break, he stopped to talk about his experience and why he has opted for the surgical hair loss solution.

“Everyone loses hair at some point in their life”

Majethia, also fondly referred to as JD told journalists that everyone loses hair at some point in their life and that actors are no different. However, as celebrities need to appear on screen, he felt that he had to opt for the procedure. JD mentioned that he knew many others who had undergone hair transplants and resonated that wigs appear more evident on screen, so when modern medicine allows for such procedures why not make the most of them.

JD who lives in Mumbai, India talked about how there is so much pollution in the capital city of the Indian state of Mahrashtra which contributed to thinning hair. He claims that if he had taken better care of his hair at a younger age he may not have needed the hair transplant today. JDs originally curly hair had begun to thin out which led to a balding spot on the crown of his head.

Although most actors in India end up shying away from openly talking about such personal subjects, JD says that by spreading awareness about the treatment he could possible benefit others.

How do hair transplants work?

Hair transplants work by moving hair follicles from a ‘donor’ site to areas which are balding or thinning out. JD laughed that there is ‘no pain without gain’ and that the procedure is a smooth process, despite all the needles. Hair takes up to six months to grow back following a hair transplant however results are permanent as the hair which is transplanted is resistant to hair fall. some forms of hair transplant can leave some scarring, yet this usually isn’t an issue as it can be concealed under the hair itself once it begins to grow out.


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