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47 year old Hollywood hearthrob Matthew McConnaughy, in a recent appearance on “Live With Kelly”, a popular US morning talk show, spoke about his battle with baldness.  He also made some startling claims about how he defeated it. We take a closer look.


Party Like It’s 1999

mcconnayghy 1999

1999 was given, during his Live With Kelly interview, by McConnaughy as the year he first noticed he was losing his hair. Looking at the still  above taken from EdTV, a film he made with Woody Harrelson in that year, it is hard to disagree with him. He certainly looks like a man of the right age experiencing the early stages of male pattern baldness. Note the high temple and the apparent slight change in colour between the hair at the side and the hair on top, not due at all to a difference in colour but rather because there is significantly less density on his frontal hairline… and those are very high temples wouldn’t you agree.

Conventional wisdom tells us there are limited options in this situation. You can go for one of the only two fully researched, tested and FDA approved drugs on the market. You can go for an intervention, transplantation or SMP. You can go for a hair system. Finally, you can fall back on the endless list of remedies that fall loosely under the heading “snake oil”. Not that we are suggesting that all modern remedies relate to the shameless nonsense that got sold 100 years ago. Mostly we are talking about carefully concocted herbal soups which are harmless if lacking in efficacy as far as fixing hair loss is concerned.

Matthew’s Claims Of Salvation

mcconnaughy 2011

McConnaughy went on to tell the talk show that he discovered a herbal solution that stopped his hair loss and actually regenerated new hair, and not just a few. The picture above is taken from his 2011 film, A Lincoln Lawyer. We can see he was returned to his lush Hollywood standard locks. An apparent miracle! For a couple of hundred bucks a month he was supplied with a product called Regenix which he credits for his salvation.

We would not want to dismiss the possibility of it being true completely out of hand. Just imagine if it was! We could all sign up, baldness would be a thing of the past and surgeons and Scalp Micropigmentation practitioners could go back to doing whatever they used to do.



Naturally we were drawn to the website of the company credited with supplying McConnaughy with his elixir. Funny enough it reminded us of an advert we saw and posted about from early in the last century. Both adverts invite you to send in a sample of your hair for “analysis”… so they can confirm you are suitable for the treatment. We suspect that an ability and willingness to pay are, as they were a hundred years ago, probably the only real prerequisites.

Buried among all this pseudo science are a suite of products which seem to us to be little more than cleansers with a few suitable sounding herbs. Certainly nothing to indicate this might be the answers to all bald men’s prayers since the days ancient Egyptian scrolls detail their efforts.

HIS Hair Clinic


As Sherlock Holmes used to say, once you have explored all other possiblities, whatever remain must be the truth. So we ask ourselves did Matthew McConnaughy discover a genuine hair loss solution back in 1999 (which has pretty much remained a secret to the rest of us since then), or did he have some other intervention? Certainly the Swedish surgeon who claims to have performed the transplant would argue for the latter.

We wait to hear more but in the meantime our team of experts and practitioners will continue to do great work on behalf of all the clients who come through our doors. If you are ready to have a serious discussion about your own hair loss situation then simply complete the contact form at the side of this page or click here to find your nearest clinic.


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