Have hair transplants become a necessary part of showbiz life?

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Have hair transplants become part of showbiz

Have hair transplants become part of showbizMany TV celebrities must rue the invention of high definition television. With its ultra-sharp image revealing every detail and blemish there’s nowhere to hide. Women probably suffer most with the pressure to make up and disguise the wrinkles in a bid to maintain their youthful looks but increasingly men are beginning to feel the pressure of their thinning hair and bald patches being revealed.

It’s hardly surprising that many are now turning to hair transplants to ensure that they remain bankable. You may recall James Nesbitt, recently talked openly about his procedure and how it helped him win more roles.

Transplant procedures improving all the time

The good news for celebrities suffering with male pattern baldness is that hair transplants have become far more effective and successful thanks to innovations in techniques and equipment. The development of follicular unit extraction, where individual hairs rather than a strip of the scalp are transplanted mean that recovery times and scarring are reduced, minimising downtime and a need to cover up during the healing process.

Hair transplantation isn’t the only solution for an image conscious celebrity though. Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) is an increasingly popular treatment for baldness for men of all ages. Unlike a transplant, it doesn’t involve surgery but two or three applications from a skilled practitioner.

The 3D effect

Organic pigments are introduced to the scalp with fine micro needles which gradually creates a highly realistic illusion of real hair. The secret lies in layering the look over the sessions so that it looks 3 dimensional. The effects are so impressive that often close family members can’t tell the difference.

The final look is short, smart and close cropped with a hairline and density that you develop with the practitioner over the course of the sessions. It’s cheaper than a transplant, less invasive, low maintenance and the results are almost instantaneous with no regrowth period. So SMP could be the right route for the balding celebrity who’s happy to adopt a bad boy image and a stylish crew cut.


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