Hair Loss & Anger: Are the two linked?


In the case of Mel Gibson, one hair loss expert certainly thinks so.

Eight years ago, immediately after Mel Gibson’s infamous career stunting outburst, hair loss expert Leo Benjamin Jr, of Adrian’s Hair Center wasn’t all that surprised with Gibson’s behavior. In fact, Benjamin thought Gibson’s tirade was a consistent with his circumstances. According to Benjamin, Gibson was acting “typical of a male client who was starting to lose his hair.”
The Florida based hair restoration expert went not to say, “he’s angry at the world. He feels cheated and looks older than he really is. Mel looks in the mirror and it’s not the same person he is use to seeing. We see this all the time.”
No doubt there are men out there that are upset about their hair loss, but can anger really cause or accelerate hair loss? While there have been no definitive studies conducted on the effects of anger and hair loss, some speculate that the rise in testosterone that comes from experiencing anger would cause DHT levels to rise. Now, it’s widely accepted that stress can trigger hair loss, so there are some who would lump the two, anger and stress, together and conclude that two have similar end results when it comes to hair loss.
While how he lost it is up for debate, one thing is for certain: Mel Gibson has began losing those luscious feathered locks that helped launch his career and make him one of People Magazines sexiest men alive.
And while the man’s career was built on being easy on the eyes, it should come as no surprise that rumors have circulated that the American born Aussie actor has had undergone a hair transplant. Also no surprise, he’s not copping to it. According to several hair loss websites, “inside sources” are confirming that Gibson has had a hair transplant back in 2006 (around the same time as his infamous drunken outburst) and couldn’t be happier with the results.
Really?? Based on these photos taken last November, there don’t appear to be any results. Just a poorly executed comb over with what little hair he has left.
What do you think? Does anger play a role in hair loss? Does Mel Gibson look like he’s had a hair transplant?
Whatever the case may be, I think we can all agree that there are bigger issues than hair loss for Gibson to address.


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