Gogglebox star reveals results of hair transplant

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GoggleboxAnother British celebrity has been caught sporting the effects of a successful hair transplant: Gogglebox regular Chris Steed has been doing the rounds of UK media talking up his latest £10,000 procedure, which appears to be bedding in nicely.

Hairdresser – heal thyself!

The reality TV celeb and West Sussex hairdresser – who turns up on the Channel 4 show with ex-boyfriend Stephen Webb – had been dealing with male pattern baldness since the age of 18, and had spent years going through a selection of hairpieces and damaging his scalp by gluing them to his head, before undergoing his first transplant procedure in 2011.

“As a hairdresser, I am acutely aware of the importance of having great hair and looking good,” he said to the Daily Mail. “[suffering from hair loss] can be heart-breaking and shatter your self-esteem.”

While the first hair transplant was a success, unfortunately the procedure can’t stop you from losing more hair in future, which is why Chris recently needed to undergo a second operation.

Wedding bells

For the latest course of treatment – which came about because he wanted to look his best for his impending wedding – Chris checked in to a Manchester hair transplant clinic.

His previous hair transplant dealt with the front of his scalp, and involved 2,700 grafts, but his latest course of treatment involved follicular unit extraction: the same as Wayne Rooney, where hairs are removed from the back of the scalp and planted into the area where they’re needed most.

Since the transplant, which took place late last year, Chris teamed a shavedn headed look with a baseball cap for a while, but is now suitably hirsute – and loving it. “The technology has improved so much that you cannot tell if a person has had anything done. I am a hairdresser and even I cannot tell unless I have known the client before the procedure.”


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