Are we giving Trump too hard a time about his hair?

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trumpUS President, Donald Trump, is no stranger to the limelight. However, for months now his hair, rather than his political duties, have been the subject of speculation and ridicule. So, are we giving Trump too hard a time about his hair and would we be doing the same if it was a female leader?

Revealing shocking double-standards

Love him or hate him, Trump has definitely been given a hard time over his locks in recent months. Would the same be happening if we had a female leader? The answer is absolutely not! There would be outrage worldwide if a female president was being persistently ridiculed for her hair loss battle.

The trouble is, hair loss can have a significant negative psychological impact on men. It can be utterly devastating to deal with the issue, without it being forced into the spotlight. Recent medical records showed that Trump takes a common hair loss drug known as Finasteride; well-known for its negative long-term side effects. The fact he still takes the medication regardless of how terrible it can be, shows just how desperate he is to cling onto his hair.  Underneath his braggadocio there might well be a few insecurities.

Men facing hair loss need support not ridicule

What men really need when they’re suffering with hair loss, is support, not ridicule. There are some excellent treatment options out there, but many men may avoid seeking help because they’re too ashamed of the problem.

If you’re suffering from hair loss, you really aren’t alone. Help is available and the earlier you seek treatment, the better the results will be. First and foremost, you need to get a diagnosis to see what the root of the problem actually is. Once the cause has been diagnosed, you may be surprised just how simple and effective treatment could be.  If you’re concered about hair loss then please call us or complete the form on the right to arrange a confindential and free consultation with one of our team of friendly experts.


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