George’s Hair Loss Spins Out Of Control

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The Daily Mail, a UK tabloid, has run a story about a celebrity’s hair loss and his decision to go for a transplant, it’s the diagnosis that caught our eye though…


The Daily Mail

daily mail

It is important to frame this piece as coming from the Daily Mail. This is the paper that gave us the headline “How a romantic candle-lit dinner can give you cancer” so they are no strangers to hyperbole. Nor do they seem to have any fear of self-parody, this is also the paper that gave us “George Clooney’s fiancee Amal Alamuddin looks stylish in striking red dress and fetching floral heels at sexual violence summit”. So it is necessary to read beyond their sometimes reactionary headlines.

Spin Doctor At Work


For the story of George Sampson getting a hair transplant to become newsworthy when his claim to fame was winning Britain’s Got Talent back in 2008 it required some spin. Fortunately the answer to the Daily Mail headline writer was staring them in the face. Part of George’s winning dance act was to spin on his head.

In the end, having boiled it down to three possible headlines, it would seem they had difficulty in making their minds up and went with all of them. So George’s story is told under all three, a red one at the top that says, quite randomly we thought “BGT ACE’S HAIR PLUGS” – random not least because he is not having a treatment involving plugs (mainly because it is not the 1990’s). Beneath which in big bold black underlined letters we havethe preposterous “Wigging’s Got Talent for George” – words fail us, honestly.  Finally, in a smaller bold font we get “SPIN ACT LEADS TO BALD BONCE”. There you have it, the angle to create the story is to suggest that the baldness was caused by him spinning on his head.

George is only 23 and so a young sufferer of what is undoubtedly male pattern baldness of the standard hereditary variety. Spinning on his head would not have caused that recession at the temples… even if, according to the article, a representative of the clinic he has chosen says that his “quite bad baldness” was from friction and pressure – as we say, according to the article. It is hard to imagine a hair professional seriously saying that about George’s situation.

HIS Hair Clinic


We wish George every success for his treatment, though suspect the 2000 hairs the article says he is going for will not be enough to provide the level of coverage he probably wants as a minimum. As a young man we would hope there is someone close to him that can point him in the direction of Scalp Micropigmentation, SMP can undoubtedly give him the self-confidence he is after with a look that is bang on trend and totally stress free.

If you want to discuss your personal hair loss situation with one of your friendly team of experts then simply complete the contact form at the side of this page. Alternatively, click here to find your nearest clinic.


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