Di Matteo To Set New Hair Loss Trend At Aston Villa?

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News of today’s appointment of Roberto Di Matteo as the new manager of Aston Villa will be warmly welcomed by fans of the club. Here at HIS HQ we suspect there might be a little more on offer in his new home town of Birmingham than he is expecting…


Happy Roberto, Happy Hair

di matteodi matteo manager

As a player Di Matteo enjoyed a stellar career that saw him eventually join Chelsea from Lazio. He would cement himself as a fans favourite with his attacking style of midfield play, equally adept at ghosting past opposition players with the ball glued to his foot or picking out a team-mate with an exquisite pass. At Chelsea he would earn winners medals in several domestic and European tournaments, though the big two of the Premiership and the Champions League would elude him, at least as a player. As you can see from the picture above, during his time as a player he sported a healthy head of hair.

The picture beside it shows him starting out as a manager, with Milton Keynes Dons in the lower leagues. Once again you can see he has no issues with hair loss at this stage.

Stressed Roberto, Stressed Hair

di mattao bald

It is well recognised that football management in the furnace of the English Premier League is a stressful job. There are only 20 berths after all and with so much money at stake Chairman are ruthless and quick to hire and fire. As can be seen from the picture above, these days Roberto has become a fantastic candidate for SMP as his hair loss has become quite pronounced… we are not suggesting we know this is down to the stress of his job, though stress is a recognised factor in hair health and it may well have played its part.

Di Matteo started with successful stints at MK Dons and West Bromwich Albion, local Aston Villa rivals it should be mentioned, before being recruited by the Russian billionaire to rejoin Chelsea. A magnificent spell saw him win the FA Cup along with one of those medals he never managed as a player, the Champions League… and get fired later that same year. Like we said, stressful.

Bright New Future

villa park

We sincerely hope Di Matteo can do what is needed to turn things around at Aston Villa, they need to get back to the Premiership as soon as possible. Not just for the money either, Villa are one of the league’s big boys and the Premier league is the right place for them.

Success would also hopefully save him from enduring the levels of stress he has had to endure in recent years. Of course if he does decide to do something about his hair loss he will discover that he is in the hometown of HIS Hair Clinic, surely for Roberto the option to enhance the look he currently chooses anyway would be hard to resist… and take several years off him at a stroke.


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