David Beckham hair transplant rumours


Celebrities have always been scrutinised for evidence of cosmetic intervention. The David Beckham hair transplant story was always going to attract a lot of attention due to the sheer size of the ‘Beckham’ brand, and also because over the years, David Beckhams hairstyles have been so iconic.

Who could forget, for example, the famous mohawk haircut created by celebrity hairstylist and avid endorser of HIS, Adee Phelan? That issue of GQ magazine, featuring David Beckham and his mohawk on the front cover, was one of the biggest selling issues of GQ ever published.

So did David Beckham have a hair transplant?

We will probably never know, however you do have to question how a man can go from showing significant miniaturisation (below left) to a fuller, thicker head of hair (below right) without help.

David Beckham hair transplant

Also consider that many drugs are not available to professional sportmen, including Finasteride, found in popular hair loss pill Propecia. That rules that option out of the equation.

Perhaps Minoxidil, found in topical lotions Rogaine and Provillus? Maybe, but such lotions aren’t proven to offer anything like the benefits evidenced in the photographs above.

A hair system? Highly doubtful, considering his active sporting lifestyle, intense media attention, and the fact that he recently shaved his hair in public.

The above photos could be put down to poor or unflattering light conditions. Any natural oil or even styling products in his hair could cause his hair to ‘clump up’, accentuating any thinning hair David may be experiencing. Also, although he has a lot of hair, Davids hair is actually very fine, resulting in hair that may look like it is thinning in certain situations.

David Beckham hair transplant scarA hair transplant would also leave a certain amount of scarring, even if performed by a world class hair transplant surgeon that David Beckham could no doubt afford. As shown by this recent photograph of David Beckham during play at LA Galaxy, there is no obvious evidence of any scarring, as a result of either FUE or FUT surgery.

Does the David Beckham hair transplant gossip carry any weight? Unfortunately the answer is, and will probably remain, a resounding ‘maybe’.


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