Damage to Rihanna’s Hair

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Rihanna is famous across the globe as a recording artist and as a fashion icon. Young girls and women alike look up to her and are inspired by her attitude and looks. She works long hard hours and the pressures of show business can sometimes take their toll. For Rihanna it seems to be her hair line that may be suffering.

It has been noticed that her hair line above her forehead has started to recede and this could be due to many factors. One of her major concerns would be her hair styles which are glamorous and very varied. Unfortunately it seems to be taking its toll and she needs to act now to prevent further hair loss and permanent damage.

Over the past few years Rihanna’s hair has been every colour there is from black to red to brown to blonde. All these dyes that are used will have a damaging effect especially as they are being used constantly. Rihanna has been reported to spend around £2000 a day on her hair styling alone and whilst it looks fantastic there are obvious signs of damage.

Rihanna looks as if she has a form of alopecia called traction alopecia which is caused by the constant brushing and pulling of the hair. Tightly pulling the hair back puts a strain on the hair follicles until eventually they are so badly damaged they can no longer grow new hair. Over time this begins to show as thinning hair and then bald patches. To avoid further damage Rihanna does need to find ways in which to overcome this and stop her hair from receding further.

Using hair extensions to thicken her hair makes her styling glamorous but it does damage the natural hair and strains the hair follicles until they are no longer able to grow healthy hair. The tugging on her scalp as the hair is pulled and combed into shape can be tremendous. Rihanna’s hair styles have varied from the natural long hair look to the back combed honey style.

As Rihanna is known to change her style and sometimes the colour on a daily basis this must have a detrimental effect on her hair and on her scalp. The condition of her scalp is important as the hair follicles have to be healthy in order to constantly grow new hair. It is natural to lose hair on a daily basis, the hair dies and is replaced by new healthy strands. The combing of the hair is also important to remove old hair and to stimulate the scalp.

Rihanna’s diet will also play a role in the health of her hair. A good well balanced diet will be essential to her in order to keep up with her busy lifestyle. For hair to be at its best the body needs to be healthy too. There are natural remedies that can also be good for the hair and help restore some of its natural balance.

A weekly session of massaging the scalp with a natural oil such as coconut, wrapping the hair in a towel for about 30 minutes and then washing off with a good shampoo can help to revitalise the hair. Just as the body needs to relax from time to time so does the hair. It needs to have time to recover from different hair styles and should be left natural when possible.

There is a lot of pressure in today’s world of show business to look at your best at all times, even if just popping to the local shop. If not they are in the paper the next day being criticised for not looking good. This type of pressure can cause stress and this is another cause of hair loss. The more pressure the more stress the more the hair can suffer.

Before going to surgery to fix a receding hair problem an expert must determine the underlying problem first. It may be treatable with natural remedies such as soaking the hair in a mint solution and massaging the scalp. There maybe medication that is more suitable and can be prescribed. These have to be investigated and tried first.

For now, Rihanna might be wise to not change her hair colouring so often, give her hair a rest from the constant combing and pulling that is required in order to be a fashion icon. Looking her best at all times is very important to Rihanna she has a large fan club and they like to see her beauty as well as listen to her songs. Rihanna being on top form gives others a boost and it is what she enjoys, however consideration does need to be taken for rest times.

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