Alopecia Sufferer and Model – Amber Jean Rowan

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For someone with alopecia it can be frightening as well as embarrassing. It can keep the sufferer hidden behind closed doors because they feel embarrassed. Today there are treatments available, beyond just a basic wig or a course of steroid injections.

Amber Jean Rowan was such a sufferer and at the age of 16 entered a modelling competition on Irish television. At the time no-one new she was actually wearing a wig because of alopecia. On the show she openly told of her condition and how whilst her hair was growing back it was still very short and so she wore a wig.

This brought the issue to light and reassured others that life does go on and you can be seen by the world. Amber came third in the competition and she went onto a modelling career. She no longer has alopecia but her hair is still short and there is the chance it could come back in the future.

Amber had already gone through having to be bald in her youth and had become comfortable with her condition. With her understanding it has given others the confidence to move on and she has helped many people get on with their lives. Sometimes it is just something simple like letting them know where good wigs are made.

Part of the cause of alopecia can be stress. It can be a vicarious circle, stressed over something causes hair to fall out which causes more stress. Taking time for yourself can help and there is medication available that will promote the growth of hair. If the hair does not grow back hair transplants have come a long way and are more successful now. The procedure is not a quick one though and is painful and needs a lot of thought and discussion before going ahead. Perhaps this is why more and more people are opting for SMP to camouflage their alopecia.

Amber needs to look her best at all times and has overcome a condition that could have stopped her. With the use of good cosmetics such as a wig she has shown that life does go on and a positive attitude goes a long way. Alopecia can take over someone’s life but taking some preventive measures can help and with relaxing the hair may start to grow back.

Hair loss can be a big stigma for some especially if they are in the public eye. There have been numerous occasions when jokes have been made of men wearing a toupee. At one time they were not a great match but the gents felt better being seen with them on. Nowadays they are a lot better made and can be worn at all times even in water. This makes a big difference to their confidence and makes the feel younger.

Although there are many men who like to be bald they feel more masculine and some even shave the rest of their heads rather than wear a wig. There is no right or wrong it is how the person feels and gives them the confidence to move on. Men are more likely to become bald on the head than women again this has a lot to do with hormones and genetics.

There are some natural remedies that some believe have helped them particularly when the hair is just beginning to thin. For dry brittle hair that keeps breaking massaging such as coconut oil into the scalp and hair and then wrap in a warm towel for about 30 minutes before washing will revitalise the hair follicles and hair.

If hair products are used on a regular basis it is important that they are thoroughly washed out before more is added. The sticky substances in gels and sprays can clog the follicles and stop the hair from growing so ensuring the hair is washed with a good shampoo will prevent this from happening. Avoid keeping the hair tied up as the pulling at the roots can damage the hair follicles will help the regrowth of new hair.

Fashion has a lot to answer for with music stars tying their hair back really tight and then putting it into a high ponytail bound really tight. This is not good for the hair and should only be done for short periods of time. Another form of stress on hair that can cause alopecia is hair extensions. They are tightly glued to your own hair and if glued to short hair the weight could pull at the hair root causing the follicle to expand and eventually fall out.

Alopecia can be upsetting but with positive attitude there are ways to still look good and keep up with the latest fashions.

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