Celebrity hair transplants – who’s telling?

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Celebrity hair transplants - who's telling?

Celebrity hair transplants - who's telling?In recent years, there’s been a surge in the number of male celebrities publicly admitting to undergoing a hair transplant. However, the procedure is a lot more common than you might think as for every celebrity that comes clean, there’s many who decide to keep the procedure under wraps.

Here, we’ll look at which celebrities have admitted going under the knife and which have decided to keep quiet about the procedure.

Which celebrities are proud of their hair transplant?

The celebrity hair transplant trend all started with footballer Wayne Rooney back in 2011. Since then, there’s been a string of celebrities following in his footsteps. Let’s take a look at the stars who have opened up about their hair transplant experience…

Wayne Rooney – His decision to go under the knife was supposed down to his nickname “Bobby Charlton” given to him by his Manchester United teammates. After starting to go bald at 25, he decided he needed to take action; paying a reported £13,500 for the procedure. He shared an after picture with his Twitter followers, showing his scalp full of blood. He’s undergone several hair transplants since to maintain his full head of hair.

Louis Walsh – It was Simon Cowell who spurred X-Factor judge Louis Walsh to spend a whopping £30,000 on a hair transplant. He noticed he was starting to experience the all-too-familiar thinning on top.

George Sampson – At just 23 years old, George Sampson has become the youngest star to admit to undergoing a hair transplant. Premature balding brought on by genetics, head spinning dance moves and alopecia had left him with a receding hairline and a line of hair loss down the centre of his head.

These are just three of many male celebrities who have undergone the procedure. But what about those trying to cover it up?

Which celebs want to keep it quiet?

It’s important to note there is no concrete proof the following celebrities have undergone a hair transplant. However, there’s been plenty of rumours and some pretty compelling before and after photos produced…

Gordon Ramsey – The famous “hot head” chef has been pictured leaving a cosmetic clinic wearing a black surgical cap. It is thought he suffered an allergic reaction after a 12-hour transplant procedure.

Rafa Nadal – Nadal is the superstar of tennis, and his healthy, dark locks are just as famous as his swing. However, in 2016 it was rumoured the sports star had undergone a hair transplant procedure. He has never confirmed these rumours, but before and after photos do appear to show a significant difference.

Rob Brydon – The lovable Welsh comedian was rumoured to have undergone a hair transplant in 2009. His hair suddenly appeared thicker, fuelling speculation. He has joked and hinted that the rumours are true, but has never confirmed nor denied them.

Overall, hair transplants are becoming a common treatment option; and as George Sampson proves, they can be performed at any age. The above are just a small selection of celebrities who have undergone hair transplants, and it’s only likely to continue as more stars choose to go under the knife.


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