Celebrities swap beard growth tips

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Celebrities swap beard growth tips

Celebrities swap beard growth tipsBeing one of the hottest stars in Hollywood, Chris Hemsworth is renowned for his exceptional good looks. However, it appears that even he needs grooming tips from time to time.

The actor has recently shared a snap of himself and hit country singer Zak Brown, reportedly in conversation swapping tips about beard growth. The two got chatting at the recent Bluesfest in Byron Bay, and the conversation soon turned to facial hair growth. So, what tips did Brown have for Hemsworth?

All it takes is a little time…

While very little was shared publicly about the tips and techniques Brown imparted onto Hemsworth, the actor did reveal the main piece of advice he received:

“Just give it time and it will grow”

Brown appears to have been trying to comfort Hemsworth regarding the time it does take to grow a full beard. This is something many men don’t realise. It can take a long time of persistent grooming and simply being patient, before the beard starts to really grow.

However, what if you’re incapable of growing a beard at all? Time isn’t always the answer as for whatever reason, some men are incapable of growing facial hair. If you’re struggling to see any signs of beard growth, there is a potential solution – a beard transplant.

Beard transplants are becoming increasingly popular

There’s been a significant increase in the number of beard transplants being carried out in the UK. In recent years, beards have become a must-have trend for men. Seen as a manly attribute, it seems everybody has one these days.

This makes it tough for those who are unable to grow one, no matter what they try. A beard transplant is an expensive option, but it’s also a permanent one. Provided you have enough hair on your head to use as a donor site, they can be successfully transplanted into the beard area.

What’s great about this treatment, is that you can also choose the style of beard you’d prefer. So, in that respect you have the upper hand over those who grow their beards naturally and then have to trim it excessively to achieve the style they prefer.

Overall, whether you’re a Hollywood star or a regular man-about-town, it seems facial hair growth issues can affect any man. If you’re desperate to have a beard but you’re incapable of growing one, a beard transplant could be the answer.


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