Bald men make the best valentines

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bald men attractive

bald men attractiveAs valentine’s day approaches it’s worth considering the assertion that balding men are more attractive to the opposite sex.  “Urban myth!” I hear you say.  Actually, there is scientific evidence to support the claim following much research, many surveys and feedback from online dating agencies but we’re not going to get bogged down in that.

Here’s some of the great follically challenged alpha males as prima facia historical evidence that thinning hair isn’t necessarily a problem and can be a positive boon when it comes to the opposite sex.

  1. Yul Brynner. He earned his macho spurs in the Magnificent Seven as the leader of the troupe of hired guns but he’ll always be remembered as the romantic lead in the all time classic King and I as the only man capable of warming up Deborah Kerr’s stuffy English teacher’s heart.
  2. Bruce Willis. Willis has always had thinning hair but it hasn’t stopped him playing a range of romantic leads.  OK so he’s mainly perceived as a tough guy but we’ll never forget his story arc in Pulp Fiction where he played opposite Maria de Medeiros, one of the most sensual actresses of her generation  He kept Cybil Shepherd’s Maddie going for nearly 10 years in moonlighting too.
  3. David Beckham. He doesn’t seem to have struggled to attract the attention of the opposite sex and his buzz cut is still his most memorable style. Whilst not technically bald his short hair is reason alone to opt for Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) to get that freshly shaved head look.  Also, it finally helped erase disturbing memories of the Bobby Charlton comb over.
  4. Pablo Picasso. Never short of wives or girlfriends Picasso’s thinning hair didn’t detract from  amazing charisma, ability and status as one of the world’s most innovative and famous artists.
  5. Samuel L Jackson. One of the coolest men on the planet   – not a lot you can add to that.

The fact is that most of us will lose our hair as we get older and it’s pointless trying to hang on to that last vestiges of a bouffant cut that suited you in your youth.  Ditch that look and go for something altogether sharper.  If you want to find out more about you can make the most of your thinning hair with SMP and how it can help replace lost confidence don’t hesitate to contact us with the form on the right or call one of friendly experts on  +44(0)845 604 4618 for a free and confidential consultation.


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