Could This Modified Version of Ruxolitinib Be a Better Bet?

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Could this modified version of Ruxolitnib be a better bet?

Could this modified version of Ruxolitnib be a better bet?There have been a few exciting developments in the world of hair loss research in recent years, with the most promising involving the use of drugs currently used to treat auto-immune diseases such as Ruxolitinib.

In early studies, these drugs have proven to help with hair regrowth, though further research does need to be carried out to determine exactly how safe they are as a hair loss treatment. Now, a biopharmaceutical company based in America has come up with a potential solution in the form of a modified version of Ruxolitinib.

Studies into new drug set to continue in 2017

The company, Concert Pharmaceuticals, has already begun testing the new modified drug known as CTP-543. However, most testing into its efficiency will be carried out this year. Said to contain JAK1 and JAK2, the deuterium modified version of Ruxolitinib is designed to be more metabolically stable than the original, boosting its potential effectiveness as a hair loss treatment.

The company believes the CTP-543 is a valuable, new drug that will revolutionise the hair loss market.

JAK inhibitor hair growth discovered by accident

While JAK inhibitors are currently fast gaining in popularity as a potential hair loss treatment, its benefits were actually discovered by accident. Doctors discovered patients who were being treated with JAK inhibitor drugs experienced hair growth.

It was a young boy being treated with the drugs in Israel who helped doctors see the potential for a hair loss cure. He was suffering with alopecia areata so doctors were stunned when his hair started to regrow.

Now, after numerous scientific studies, scientists have been excited to discover JAK inhibitors are indeed effective at helping patients suffering with alopecia areata. Currently there is no cure for the condition so if the safety aspects of drugs such as Ruxolitinib can be addressed and eliminated, it provides hope for the millions of people who suffer with alopecia areata worldwide.

Overall, as with all JAK inhibitor drugs, further studies are needed to establish whether the new CTP-543 is a better option in the cure of hair loss, but early indicators are certainly promising.


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