Let Your Light Shine, But Not Your Scalp, Part I:

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Getting control of the shine is a two step process. Like a lethal one-two combination in boxing, the combination of properly cleaning the scalp and then topping off the process with the right matte lotion will give you the edge on looking your best.

As previously mentioned, to control the shine, we have to first control the oil on the scalp. That starts with the cleansing process. But not just any face/scalp cleanser will do — to get the job done right, you need the right stuff.

Not all cleansers and moisturizers are made equal. What follows is a list of the top face and scalp cleansing products to get the oil and shine under control.

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 lab_series_oil_control_face_wash__47027.1266856795.1280.1280LAB Series Oil Control Face Wash

This Paraben-free face wash cleans and exfoliates the skin and scalp, removing the excess oil which not only controls the shine but prevents breakouts as well. The key ingredients here to ensure oil control are salicylic acid, seaweed extract, and chamomile leave the skin clean and non-oily feeling.


I have used this product for years with great results it provides a consistent results”



300Neutrogena Oil control foaming cleanser

Clinically proven to control oil for hours on end, this foam cleanser came with mixed reviews. The bad news, many found this product to fail on the eliminating acne end of the spectrum; the good news, people raved about it’s ability to rid the skin of oil and control the shine, which is what we’re looking for here. We can’t say why this product couldn’t clear up acne if it was successful in controlling the oil, but perhaps there were other factors at play for these people. At around $7, it’s not a huge financial drain if it doesn’t live up to expectations.

“My skin type is severely oily & this cleanser is fabulous for me! I saw a difference the next day and each day it improves, cleaning out stubborn pores for me.”


2218347-p-MULTIVIEWZIRH Clean 

Highly recommended, this cleanser has Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids, the later specifically referring to salicylic acid. What’s important to know about salicylic acid is that promotes new cell growth by shedding dead cells on the epidermis, opening pores, cleaning on the dirt within, and then constricting the pore to reduce it’s appearance. By penetrating the pore, Clean inhibits sebum production, thus reducing the amount of oil on the face and scalp. As an added bonus, the peppermint extract serves to leave the skin feeling cool.

“I have a pretty high forehead thanks to a genetically gifted receding hairline and, up in that rarefied air, my skin tends to be more oily than elsewhere on my face. Zirh did a nice job (even in a just over a week’s time) of getting it under control.”



_6488873Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser

The new kid on the block for the skincare mainstay Kiehl’s. Strong enough to visibly reduce the appearance of oil on the skin’s surface, it’s gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types. Cylindrica root and lemon fruit extracts effectively dispense of oil. This is another huge hit from Kiehl’s.


“After the first wash with this cleanser, I saw an immediate difference. My skin is noticeably less oily (I would even go so far as to say NOT oily anymore), more balanced, softer, and just looks better in general.”



419XutmCabL._SY300_L’Oreal Men Expert White Active Bright + Oil control Cleanser

A great oil control foaming cleanser that features an “anti shine formula” that traps and eliminates oil. Vitamin C removes the dead cells from the surface of the skin, while the salicylic acid gets rid of any scalp impurities. This product promises to clean, clear and matte the scalp.

“This formula cleanses and clears skin efficiently: excess sebum and dull dead cells are removed, skin stays clear and matte for long [time].”



olay-men-gel-cleanser-100-gmOlay Men Refreshing Energy Oil Control Cleanser

Featuring a one-two punch of it’s own, this foaming cleanser and moisturizing gel work in tandem to rid the skin and scalp of dirt, grime and oil. Loaded with Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, and cucumber extract keep the skin clean and refreshed.

“All day long, I noticed that my face did not become oily—which for me is a good thing. And because I love the result, I’ve since been using this Olay solution twice a day.”


You’re only half way there. Be sure to check in later this week for Part III, where we run through some of our favorite oil-control lotions that’ll be sure to give you the matte appearance you’re looking for.

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