World class scalp micropigmentation treatments available in Seattle

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The northwestern region of the United States contains one of the major technology hubs in the world. Most might think of Silicon Valley whenever computers and its software applications are discussed. The city of Seattle however has also established itself as a booming tech center in its own right. Built in 1962, the iconic Space Needle is a prophetic architectural marvel surrounded by buildings that house the industry’s biggest players. Microsoft, Amazon and Hewlett-Packard are but a few of the many well-known companies that have taken residence here. As a center for all that is progressive and new, Seattle has also attracted other businesses offering different services considered advanced in its own field.
It was in January of 2013 when the HIS Hair Clinic was able to establish its presence here. Located at Suite 828, 8th floor 509 Olive Way, this facility is able to cater not only to the residents of the state of Washington but from Vancouver as well. Their main focus is to provide effective scalp micropigmentation services for those who are undergoing alopecia of any kind, regardless of the stage it is currently in. The clinic is also able to treat those who have had previous hair transplant surgery to help increase the appearance of hair density as well as cover any scars that have resulted from the procedure.
The process toward treatment is systematic and easy. It begins with making an appointment to receive consultation for the prospective client’s hair loss. A confirmed meeting is necessary to ensure that the visitor can be accommodated when he arrives. The demand for scalp micropigmentation is steadily on the rise and practitioners have to be scheduled between treatment and consultation purposes. This would guarantee that there would be a technician available to entertain their query upon visiting.
Consultation is absolutely necessary for the potential patient to understand what scalp micropigmentation is and how it can help him. This will also give the practitioner an opportunity to examine the visitor’s alopecia closely and provide recommendations for the hair pattern to use. They can discuss how it will appear and the time it would potentially take to complete the treatment. No agreement to undergo the procedure will be made during this meeting. The prospective client must be given the freedom to decide this on his own, free from any influence from the clinic. The only purpose of the consultation is to provide information about scalp micropigmentation.
Once a decision to push through is made, the patient will just have to shave off his remaining hair to prepare for treatment. This will give the practitioner a clearer view of the scalp to make it easier to layer the pigments. Special inks will be shallowly injected through the skin with the use of fine needles. This will be attached to equipment specifically made for scalp micropigmentation. Each session can take anywhere between two to three hours. The entire process can be finished in a minimum of two sessions though this can extend longer, depending on the requirement of each patient.
Scalp micropigmentation is a revolutionary way to combat hair loss. It provides a semblance of hair that appears almost exactly how a person’s actual hair follicles will look like. This will be difficult to detect even when being closely observed. The client will be amazed at how his officemates and family members would barely notice that he received treatment. This is proof of how realistic scalp micropigmentation can be when created by a world class service provider such as the HIS Hair Clinic in Seattle. Those who are interested to find out more about this natural-looking hair loss solution would simply have to call and schedule an appointment for consultation.


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