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Those in the Manchester area who are contemplating whether to get their hair loss treated, no longer have to look any further. HIS Hair Clinic is highly accessible through the Manchester Oxford Road train station which is just a few metres away. Strategically located on the corner of Oxford Street and Portland Street, prospective clients only have to look out for the beautiful brick façade of the Oxford Place building. This caters mostly to the residents in the North of England and Scotland. Practitioners are sometimes moved to the Manchester on a rotational basis either from the Birmingham Headquarters or the Harley Street clinic in London so that patients will be sure to receive only the best quality service. Our Manchester location also has resident practitioners now and are very highly regarded in our forum.
Alopecia can be a delicate thing. It is very much an issue mentally as it is physically. This can cause those who are willing to seek treatment to sometimes become hesitant. The goal of HIS Hair Clinic’s free consultation process however is to provide answers for those prospective clients that want to know more about their options for treatment. Upon confirmed appointment, there will be a specialist who will meet them at the scheduled time. This is to ensure that their concerns will be accommodated upon their visit.
The consultation process is mainly geared toward providing as much information about the scalp micropigmentation process as possible. This allows the potential patient to inquire about the procedure and find out if this is truly something that will suit his lifestyle. The meeting is conducted in a casual and relaxed manner to encourage a free-flowing, informal discussion. No treatments will be conducted on the same day as the consultation and neither would prospective clients be pressured to commit to a scalp micropigmentation procedure. If they are curious about how it is performed, the clinic is also open to hold a demonstration while an actual treatment is taking place. Once a client feels he is ready, he may contact the clinic to discuss the scheduling his sessions.
Scalp micropigmentation is one the fastest ways to conceal baldness. It does not try to cure alopecia but merely camouflages it. This is accomplished even while the scalp is still in the progress of losing hair. It is effective because the results can be appreciated immediately after a session is finished. The pigments do need to be given a week’s time to heal however the trauma is nothing considered as something major. There will just be some obvious redness on the first day though this would only last until the third day at most. The marks that might remain would be some scabs that have already started to dry. Even these however will be too minor to be noticeable. They will also tend to shed off on their own by the time the week is over.
Patients will have to undergo succeeding sessions for as long as their desired hair pattern is still incomplete. The seven-day recovery period allows the pigments enough time to settle into the scalp and exhibit fading. This will provide the technician an opportunity to know how to layer the next batch of pigments. Some clients admit to feeling a certain degree of discomfort while these are being injected however it is nothing that would be considered as painful. It generally goes away after the initial minutes of the first session and is something that is quite manageable by the time the next ones are performed.
Scalp micropigmentation is a permanent solution to hair loss. Because of this, patients must always leave happy and satisfied with their procedure. They should feel free however to inform the technician should there be something that needs refinement. Not only is the treatment supposed to convey an illusion of hair, it should also help the bearer regain his self-confidence as well. Having a well-made scalp micropigmentation treatment will hopefully aid toward achieving those goals.


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