Why you should meet someone who has already had scalp micropigmentation

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A recent HIS open day

The very best way to assess the realism of a good SMP treatment is to meet someone who has already had it done

At HIS Hair Clinic we make every effort to provide as much information about our treatment as possible. As the world leader and the original innovator of scalp micropigmentation as a hair loss solution, no-one knows more about the process than we do, and we do all we can to pass this knowledge to our clients by any means necessary.

We currently offer:

It is fair to say that we offer more information about SMP than any other provider, anywhere in the world, however absolutely nothing beats seeing this in the flesh, for real and up close. That’s why we encourage our clients to see this in person as part of their decision-making process.

A recent HIS open day

How to find someone who has had SMP

There are three ways this can happen. You can arrange a face to face consultation, come to one of our open house events or you can make your own arrangements through our forum.

When you arrive for your face to face consultation, you’ll notice that many of our staff and practitioners have had SMP themselves. That’s because many staff started out as HIS customers, and wanting to be a part of the HIS story, later joined the team. Of course you are welcome to examine their heads in as much detail as you wish. In addition you may be able to meet other clients who are midway through their own procedures, or even witness their session. Please note that not all clients want to be watched or examined, so we much of course respect their wishes, particularly during their treatment sessions.

Our open house events and demonstration days provide the opportunity for you to meet a number of people who have either had the treatment, or are considering having it done. Many of these men will be in the same position as you, trying to decide if SMP is for them. These events are regularly attended by existing clients who just want to help others. We offer past clients no incentive to attend, so they do so out of kindness and can therefore be relied upon for honest feedback. In addition, you usually have the option to watch at least one live treatment session at our events.

Your final option is to arrange to meet someone through our forum. We publish a section of our forum dedicated to enabling people to meet up. Basically you advertise your location for free, and wait to hear from any clients in your vicinity who would be happy to meet up. Of course the response you are likely to receive depends on your location, but many hundreds of clients have found this facility to be very useful.


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