What women really think of men’s hair loss and SMP

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Losing your hair is a big change, and for some it is an especially negative experience. Not only does it usually come suddenly, it also is something that you must go through publically or fight to hide.

But this article isn’t about men or hair loss at all for that matter. This article is about what women think about it all or at least the ones we surveyed, to give you, the male population, some insight. Below are some quotes we snagged and explanations of the confused, certain, subtle, abrupt, and “always right” polled female mind.


Question 1: How do you feel about men’s hair loss?

“It’s a natural thing. It’s going to happen to most men. They should embrace it. My dad is losing his hair and he’s thinking about shaving it all off.” Liz (Age 21)

“I feel like more men are losing their hair and for older people it’s normal but a young guy losing his hair is not attractive.” Jennifer (Age 25)

“I think when you’re young it’s more difficult – it tends to make men less attractive if they try to hide it, but if you embrace it, it can be sexy.” Katherine (Age 28)

“I don’t pay much attention to it but I guess you can say it’s a turn off for me… I like when guy’s have thick hair” – Tiffany (Age 30)

“Don’t hide it! Confidence is very attractive. There is nothing worse than a guy who is more concerned with his hair or lack their of, than all the other things in life.” Stephany (Age 33)

“My husband has recently started losing his hair and I can tell it is affecting him a lot. For me though, it doesn’t matter. I didn’t marry him for his hair but my opinion doesn’t seem to change the way he feels … after all I’m just his wife.… (Began to chuckle)” – Lauren (Age 38)

“There is nothing like an elegant well dressed bald man that smells good and his baldness makes you feel that he is clean.” – Lisa (age 48)


We definitely had some range of ladies. But it looks like the overall consensus is it’s less about hair loss and more about the way you carry yourself. Of course there are some women who want a man with a lot of hair to …grab I guess… but it is not relevant for most. What we saw from this survey is attention is grabbed through confidence. We also saw that it is perceived that men who are dealing with hair loss start getting self-conscious which is what caused the major turn offs for our ladies. Ending note – Be comfortable in your own skin including the part on your head.

Question 2: (After explanation of SMP) How would you feel if someone told you they had Scalp MicroPigmentation done?

“I didn’t even know that was a thing… I honestly would have no idea and wouldn’t want to know. It’s like telling someone you had crooked yellow teeth and now they are straight and white because of braces and whitener… TMI [Too much information].” – Heather (Age 22)

“I’d like to know but it wouldn’t bother me if he did as long as it looked natural” – Cindy (Age 24)

“If my fake boobs look natural, I’m moving away and starting a new life so no one knows they are fake. If he can get away with it, go for it… Just don’t tell me your ”hair” is fake.” – Abby (Age 29)

“It’s similar to a woman wearing extensions/makeup/pushup bras etc. all the shit we do to enhance our beauty. So I guess I can’t be biased if he’s doing the same.” -Elizabeth (Age 33)

“If it looked natural I wouldn’t care, if it didn’t then it would be a turn off.” – Cassandra (Age 36)

“If my son got something like this done, I would probably be skeptical at first but if it looked real and natural, I would just be happy he was happy. I hate seeing him stress because of his hair.” – Barbra (Age 45)

“I don’t think it would bother me. It’s hair… if it makes them feel better then more power to them.” – Sandra (Age 47)


Women are no strangers to maintaining beauty standards. Quite surprisingly they get it! If it makes you feel better about yourself and isn’t hurting anyone, then they really don’t seem to mind. The common theme amongst our surveyors was, make sure your fake follicles look authentic. We know that to be a concern for both genders and that’s why it’s best to make sure you are getting this treatment done by the best!

Take a look at our Video Testimonials and Open Forum to see real clients and their amazing NATURAL results. And remember, there are solutions. Stay confident and we can help you with the rest.


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