What is the Micro Hair Technique?

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The Micro Hair Technique (MHT) is the specific scalp pigmentation process developed by HIS Hair Clinic, to replicate the appearance of real shaved hair on the scalp.

Back in 2002, HIS co-Director Ian Watson wanted to explore the possibility of combining a number of existing cosmetic techniques, to create a new, hassle free and truly viable solution for hair loss. Although the Micro Hair Technique was originally developed with his own hair loss in mind, Ian Watson quickly realised the solution could be used to help hair loss sufferers worldwide.

The rest, as they say, is history. Ten years later, the MHT Micro Hair Technique has earned the recognition around the world that it deserves as a realistic, long term alternative to traditional hair restoration solutions such as hair systems, drugs or hair transplant surgery.

To learn more about the MHT technique please see our Treatment section. To find out more about HIS Hair Clinics please see our About Us page. To discuss the solution with past and prospective clients, please feel free to browse our forum.


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