What are the options after your treatment?

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There are a number of questions that crop up fairly often from our clients regarding what happens in later years, so we’d like to clarify what the main options are

Scalp micropigmentation is a permanent solution for male hair loss. Using specially formulated pigments that are designed specifically for use on the scalp, your treatment will last for many years creating a near-perfect illusion of a full head of shaven hair.

Depending on your lifestyle choices and immune system, your pigments will start to fade after a period of 5-15 years so you’ll have a couple of decisions to make about what you want to do with your ‘hair’.

These are the primary options available to you:

Touch-up sessions

If you notice fading after 5-15 years, you may simply choose to maintain your current look. To do this, a short touch-up session is required. Depending on your fading pattern this session usually lasts 2-4 hours. A second session is sometimes necessary but most clients do not need a second session. These sessions are charged at our standard hourly rates. Current rates are as follows:

  • £200 for the first hour
  • £100 for each following half hour
  • A one-off charge of £75 for consumables

For example, a two hour session in the UK would cost £475 + vat.

Please note the above rates are subject to local taxes (VAT in the UK). American, Canadian and European clients are charged roughly the equivalent rate in dollars, Canadian dollars and euros.

If a larger than average number of hours is required, an alternative session rate may be available. Please contact your clinic for more information.

Adjustments to your hairline or density

It is common for clients to ask how they can change their style in later years. This is understandable because the young, sharp style you chose in your 20’s may not be suitable as you get older. One of the greatest advantages of SMP is that you can change your appearance over time if you wish.

Some adjustments may be possible with a simple touch-up session. If for example you wanted a more receded look, a touch-up session could be used to refresh the density around your crown and the area immediately in front of it, and your frontal hairline could be left to fade to produce a natural ‘thinning’ effect. Alternatively a quick laser removal session could be used to move your hairline and side profiles further back, or change their shape. Both options are straightforward.

If your natural hair starts turning grey

Due to the length you are required to keep your hair after SMP, going grey has very little effect on your overall appearance. In addition as your pigments fade slowly over time, this also counteracts the greying effect. If you do go grey, it is quite possible that the usual touch-up session that you would otherwise require, will not be required. Our experience shows that greying hair matches exceptionally well with fading pigments.

Another possibility is that we could provide a touch-up session using lighter pigments than were used during your original treatment sessions. This blend of new and older pigment dots can provide an ultra-realistic blend with greying hair.

Either way, greying hair presents no particular challenge. As we do not know exactly if, when and to what pattern you will go grey, it is best assessed in later years so we can provide the best advice. If at any point you wish to discuss your changing hair with our team, simply call your clinic for a free assessment.

Complete removal

At HIS Hair Clinic we recognise that some clients may wish to completely remove their treatment in years to come. To satisfy this requirement in the UK, and to provide adjustments as detailed above, we acquired the Laser Removal Clinic in London and moved their operation into our clinic on Harley Street. Laser Removal Clinic (LRC) offers hair removal services to a wide range of clients, but its specialism is the removal of SMP pigments applied by HIS or our competitors. This facility also enables us to remove unsatisfactory treatments received elsewhere.

For our clients outside the UK, we do not operate a laser facility in-house however we are happy to suggest alternative laser removal providers if required. Please contact your local office for information.

Most laser removal procedures require just one session, followed by a settling period. For a complete removal, two sessions are most likely required due to the larger surface area involved. A complete removal of all traces of pigment is usually achieved.

It is important to mention that only a small handful out of well over 10,000 clients have requested a full removal, and these have generally been nothing to do with the quality of treatment they received. Almost all of our removal procedures are as the result of an adjustment request, or to remove a treatment received elsewhere. For more information please see this page.


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