Thursday Is The New Black Friday

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Black Friday is nearly upon us and HIS are delighted to join in the festivities by offering a substantial discount for new treatments.


A Christmas Curtain-Raiser


For nearly a hundred years it has signalled the start of the holiday shopping season in the US. The friday after Thanksgiving, which is celebrated on the fourth thursday of November, sees shops opening early and offering great deals to get everyone in the spirit. Some major stores now even begin Black Friday at 5PM on Thanksgiving day… and it is getting earlier every year.

Black Friday at HIS Hair Clinics


HIS Hair Clinics are once again delighted to play their part in creating the festive atmosphere. Following on from the huge success that was last years Black Friday sale we are repeating the offer, this year it runs from the 24th to the 29th and anyone booking a new treatment in that time will receive a huge 15% discount.

HIS Hair Clinics


There has probably not been a better time to take the decision and book your treatment since, well, last Black Friday. You still have a few days to cogitate on the matter too. But come thursday you will want to have run through all your questions, made sure you have confident answers for them all, and be ready to make the call. Don’t forget, if you want to read about the experience of others or get answers from people who have already been through the process then the forum is the place for you – a huge library built up over years, stuffed full of useful info and friendly faces.



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