Thinning hair – a barber’s-eye view

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Thinning hair, a barber's eye view

Thinning hair, a barber's-eye viewFor many men, hair loss might be a natural part of the aging process, but that doesn’t stop it having a significant impact on their self-esteem. Even those who aren’t particularly bothered about their overall appearance can often experience extreme stress when their hair starts to thin or fall out.

Some men are so desperate to cling onto their locks, they’re willing to go to extreme measures to cover it up. However, according to Manscape barber Denise Moore, the secret to dealing with thinning hair is to simply embrace it.

Shaved heads perceived more dominant according to study

Moore could definitely be onto something if you take a look at the results of numerous studies.

In 2013, the University of Pennsylvania carried out a study which showed men with shaved heads were perceived to be more dominant than those with a full head of hair. Bald men are also often looked at as more socially mature and a recent survey also found women actually perceive bald men as sexier and more confident.

So, if you find you’re thinning on top, rather than stressing over it, try to embrace the benefits it can bring. If you can’t face going totally bald, but your balding spots make it difficult to achieve a shaved head look, SMP could be a great solution.

Why SMP?

SMP, or Scalp MicroPigmentation, can help to either cover up balding areas on the scalp, or achieve a full shaved head appearance. It involves tiny pigments being inserted into the scalp, combining different shades to create a fully natural look. It’s not your average tattoo procedure however and it will need to be done by a skilled, experienced clinic.

The treatment usually takes at least a couple of sessions and the results are long lasting. It should start to fade after around one year and you’ll be surprised just how realistic it looks.

Overall, bald is definitely sexy, but for those not ready to embrace the look completely, treatments such as SMP can help.


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