The Oldest SMP In The World – 14 Years, No Touch Ups

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There are so many questions about longevity of Scalp MicroPigmentation… Little wonder this picture of HIS co-owner and co-inventor of SMP, Ian Watson, caused a stir when it appeared on the forum.


How long will it be before I need a touch-up?


It is a question asked early on in any consultation, and the subject of many a forum discussion. The fact is there are few certainties. As hair loss sufferers we already have a built-in understanding of the randomness of genes, that abritrary affliction  which affects over half of all people, men and women, in their lifetime. That there are genetic and other contributors to the SMP’s longevity should come as no surprise… unless of course you have been misled by another clinic into believing a truly permanent version is preferable.

Why Not Permanent?

faded tattoo

When you look at a so-called permanent tattoo it is quickly obvious why, when they first developed the techniques and equipment for Scalp Micropigmentation, Ian Watson and Ranbir Rai-Watson chose to go a different route.

Over time the pigments used in regular tattooing will naturally degrade, during this process sharp lines can become blurred and change colour. The process is caused by the body’s own defence mechanisms attacking the alien presence. The molecules that make up the tattooist’s ink will get broken down with the smaller components carried away leaving the larger, heavier components. The physical change in shape of the ink deposits means they may move, the chemical change means they can change colour – usually to blue or green… just take a closer look the next time you see an old looking tattoo. It is just not a fair fight between the pigment and your immune system, whose assault will just keep coming, year after year – sooner or later you will lose the war.  If you are unlucky enough to have experienced this happening due to a bad SMP treatment then laser is your only option for complete removal, though those larger molecules will require a higher setting on the laser with an associated risk of scarring… you would be well advised to make a free appointment at your nearest HIS Hair Clinic to discuss a restorative procedure to correct the bad work.

The Magic Of Monomeric


The benefit of monomeric pigments, of the type developed and used by HIS Hair, are that they start life as simple as can be. Being made from only the lightest and simplest of components the pigments used in HIS clinics are completely vulnerable to attack from your body and over time they will fade – Crucially they will fade to nothing if you choose to let them, but a simple touch-up will return it to it the original superb state.

So When Will I Need A Touch Up?



Ian Watson became the world’s first recipient of a Scalp Micropigmentation 14 years ago when he and his sister-in-law, Ranbir Rai-Watson, first developed SMP. To this day he has never had a touch up.

He offered the HIS forum some selfies very recently, to show how he was getting on with the FUE hair transplant he finally got around to last year… A triumph so far and supporting his decision that the price and quality had reached the point where, for the first time, he wanted to do it.

They represent the very latest pictures of the oldest SMP in the world. 14 years without a touch up is obviously remarkable, especially given everything written above, but there are plenty of 5 plus ones to be found on the forum  – Definitely worth a visit for anyone researching SMP, no registration required and the testimonies of HIS clients along with discussions about the treatment and their personal journeys.

HIS Hair Clinic


To find your nearest clinic and book your personal consultation just click here, you will meet an experienced practitioner who can answer all your questions… you may even meet Ian Watson himself as he still enjoys touring the clinics and meeting as many clients as possible.




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