The model who lost his hair

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model hair loss

model hair lossRalph Lauren model Justin Hopwood, had a career most people could only dream about. His job enabled him to travel the world, and experience everything life had to offer. That was until he diagnosed with alopecia.

At 28 years of age, Hopwood is now struggling to find work, but remains optimistic he’ll one day be accepted for his partially bald look. More awareness is certainly being raised about alopecia, but sadly many fashion brands are still reluctant to embrace male baldness.

Time to get the razor out

When Hopwood developed alopecia, it didn’t actually start out on his scalp. Instead, he started to lose hair from his beard. From there, it progressed to the scalp where the model developed noticeable bald patches.

While he has been diagnosed with the least aggressive form of alopecia, it has still had a negative impact on his career. He appears to have maintained his confidence despite the condition, though he admits he has started to shave off his hair to create a manlier, more youthful look.

What Justin may not know is that he can have the best of both worlds if he opts for Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP).

Why SMP could be a great solution

SMP, when performed correctly, creates the appearance of a close cropped crew cut. Thousands of tiny ink pigments are injected into the scalp to effectively create the illusion of real hair follicles.

It’s a very skilled procedure which is permanent and maintenace free. The cost in comparison to a hair transplant is low which makes it a more viable option for those with a restrictive budget and because it’s a non invasive prodecure you can be up and running again the same day.  It’s hardly surprising that this is one of the fastest growing treatments for hair loss.


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