The Dermaroller and hair transplant scars

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Dermaroller is a branded skin rejuvenation device aimed primarily at women. It is used by a network of authorised clinics, but can also be purchased to use at home. The Dermaroller hit our radar when it was claimed that it could help to repair scars, raising a great deal of interest amongst those with hair transplant scars.

Genuine Dermaroller products are distributed and marketed by Aestheticare, based in Wetherby in the United Kingdom. The Dermaroller looks a little like a small lint roller and is covered in hundreds of tiny needles that penetrate the skin. As the skin heals, the claim is that this stimulates the production of new collagen producing an anti-ageing effect and crucially, forces the skin to repair itself.

Does the Dermaroller help to reduce scars?

dermarollerThats the million dollar question. The product is intended primarily as an anti-ageing device, so information about its scar reduction properties is extremely limited. The Dermaroller is marketed for the reduction of acne scars and stretch marks, but your average hair transplant scar is a different proposition altogether. The scar tissue area is much larger, and the wound is much more extensive.
A definitive answer to whether or not the Dermaroller really can help with hair transplant scars is not yet available, however a number of our forum members are currently discussing the subject. You can find the forum thread here.

Is it worth trying?

Although we usually stop short of actually recommending a product, we see no reason not to try this solution if you aim to use MHT to camouflage your hair transplant scar.
Although Dermaroller is a brand name in its own right, there are alternative products on the market. For reference, I have included links to the Nanogen version at the bottom of this page.
Obviously please bear in mind that your skin requires sufficient time to heal before any MHT session can take place.

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