Temporary SMP versus permanent SMP

SMP Information

The introduction of a temporary scalp micropigmentation option has increased the number of choices available to our clients. Rather than simply deciding how you want your treatment to look, you can now decide how long you want it to last too.

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to the two options, and they’re not as clear cut as you may think. This is a simple but by no means exhaustive list of the most pertinent considerations when deciding which way to go.

The advantages of temporary SMP

You have the opportunity to test the water with your new appearance before committing to a longer term look.

Although HIS Hair Clinic doesn’t do ‘bad jobs’, it may be reassuring to some clients to know they’re not stuck with their new look if for whatever reason they doubt its realism or authenticity.

You can see how well you are able to fit the maintenance routine into your lifestyle, before 100% committing yourself to it.

The disadvantages of temporary SMP

If you decide that you want to keep your new look, the requirement for a re-application using either temporary or permanent pigment will make your overall treatment more expensive.

Again as per the above, you will be required to travel to the clinic on more occasions as you’d effectively be having a second full SMP treatment.

The fading pattern during the interim period is more unpredictable.

The advantages of permanent SMP

Once it’s done, it’s done. All you require is a short touch-up session every 4-7 years or so.

You can stop thinking about your hair loss and put it behind you for good.

Permanent SMP is easy to adjust or even laser off completely, so just because its permanent doesn’t mean you can’t change your appearance or change your mind altogether.

The cost savings versus temporary pigments followed by a re-application are significant.

The disadvantages of permanent SMP

Once your treatment is complete, it will not fade significantly on its own. The only feasible full removal method is via laser.


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