Sub-Standard SMP Clinic – What Could Possibly Go Wrong!?

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Three years ago we would get one or two inquiries a month from clients of other clinics who had a bad SMP experience, these days we get several every week. We take closer look at why so many end up looking like this poor guy.


SMP – The Early Days


Once upon a time there was only HIS offering Scalp Micropigmentation, back then if someone had any concerns about their SMP treatment it would have been our own work and we saw the client through to satisfaction. There was no need for a complaints department, every client was on first name terms with their practitioner and every journey monitored by the business owners to ensure complete satisfaction every time. Those fundamentals are still the basis for how the business is run today.

Competition Is Good For The Market


Like most simplifications this one is not entirely true, it would be fairer to say that “good competition creates a market”. Competition for HIS was inevitable. Although the established hair loss solution providers, particularly the transplant clinics, were very cool on what they saw as a competitive alternative to their work, new clinics did begin to open up. Some were opened by permanent make-up artists who mistakenly thought that SMP was a simple extension of the work they already did, or tattoo artists under the same mistaken impression… or worse, gung ho entrepeneurs who saw the opportunity for a fast buck.  At least the make-up artist and the tattooist could carry on with their existing work. The entrepeneur investing into setting up a clinic was in a tight corner though, the running costs will have been underestimated as the marketing turned out to be far more demanding and expensive than they had imagined… just how do you create trust in your clinic when you have an inexperienced practitioner and no client photos to share. The answer of course is to do it the way HIS did, build your reputation slowly, one client at a time. Few can afford to grow that way, even fewer choose to.

Where We Are Today


There is certainly no shortage of SMP clinics, they are everywhere. A remarkable turnaround in just a few years. Some of the clinics that claim to the originators of the treatment only sprang into existence a few years ago – easily checked using Google’s wayback engine, find it here and use it to check the veracity of claims made on your local clinics site. Scalp Aesthetics are a great example of a so-called competitor making all sorts of claims who in fact only appeared somewhere in 2012, and then only with a page that was left untouched for a year. Like others they have grown exponentially by employing a suspect model that relies on training practitioners online, though some do attend very short courses.

Do Your Homework And Avoid Ending Up Like This

Bad SMP 3

In truth we have every sympathy for clients like the one in the picture. It takes a level of internet expertise to be able to discern a good clinic from a bad one… Anyone can spend some money and build a great looking site with compelling content. They can photoshop fake client images to create the illusion of a trading history, they can even steal pictures from other sites (we see ours used all the time all over the world). Once you are in for consultation they can make all the right noises and say all the right things. Unless you have the tools and knowledge to research them thoroughly the first time you will know you got it wrong is when you look in the mirror after the first session, almost invariably these clients will still attend the second session on the back of assurances that it will fix things… it rarely does as this is where the experience of your clinic is bought to bear. And if they have no experience they have no chance of rectifying the problem.

HIS Hair Clinic


Whichever clinic you walk into you can be confident that your practitioner has been thoroughly trained by HIS before getting anywhere near a client. The outcome is always guaranteed and the price fixed at the cost of three sessions… if you require more, and some do, there are no further charges. The guarantee is there to reflect the genuine passion of the owners to make sure every client is treated like a family member and deliver the outcome you would demand for them.

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