Should you tell your partner / family about getting Scalp MicroPigmentation done?

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Many of our clients battle with the decision of telling people they are getting our SMP treatment done. Some even have a hard time opening up about their hair loss in the first place and don’t want to discuss the issue at all. We understand the process can be difficult so here are some tips about how to deal with it:

Zipped Lip:

Yes, we have had clients who even hide the treatment from their wives! Though the treatment takes some time and the transformation is huge for our clients, people have a hard time putting their finger on what exactly has changed about you.


Our SMP looks extremely natural so if you wanted to go the route of not telling a single person, it is highly possible they wouldn’t realize exactly what you have done. (Disclaimer we do not recommend not telling your wife. HIS Hair is not responsible for the consequences that follow) If you do decide this is the route you would like to take, we do have resources on our website to help you share your experience anonymously. Our Open Forum ( gives you the opportunity to tell your story and ask questions to potential and existing clients. The forum support system is incredible and there are many posts where members discuss if SMP is right for them to posts on follow up pictures after they have had treatment along with their entire experience.

Selected Few:

Untitled-8Most clients go the route of picking a selected few to confide in about the treatment. It is always good to have an unbiased opinion on the matter to help you along the way. Make sure this person is open minded and genuinely wants what is best for you.

Having someone who knows you well, be a part of the process, allows you to not only have someone to talk to but will contribute to the details of your treatment.

A lot of clients come in with a family member or spouse who helps them pick which hairline style works best for them, goes with them to each session, and does a full 360 degree inspection of their head once sessions are done, to make sure we didn’t miss a dot! 9 out of 10 times we pass with flying colors but sometimes they point out that missing dot in the hairline that makes it perfect.

Scream it from the Rooftops:

Then of course we have our crusaders! The clients who are so excited about our treatment they IG and Facebook post the whole process. We hate to say we have favorite clients but these guys make it hard. They share their stores on the forum, tell other hair loss sufferers about the treatment, and keep positive and encouraging vibes to others going through what they went through. For these rooftop screamers we also offer a great referral system that gives you a kick back for everyone they refer that gets the treatment done. To sign up to be a referrer, contact us and ask about the Ambassador program.


In all cases, there is one common theme, support! Either through our forum, from a friend, or from everyone you meet, there is a level of comfort that comes in having support for a big change. So find your comfort and go for it!


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