Should You Shave Your Head? Barbers Discuss

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Should you shave your head? Barber's discuss

Should you shave your head? Barber's discussThe buzzcut is definitely in right now, but there’s very differing opinions about whether it looks good. Two barbers have recently squared off with their own differing opinions on whether a guy should ever get a buzz cut.

So, should you shave it all off, or shouldn’t you? Let’s look at what the experts say

The argument for shaving it off

Expert Brooklyn based stylist, Jessica Candia, is in favour of the popular buzz cut. She claims she loves doing them and she’s done more of them in the last year than in the full six years she’s worked at the salon; proving just how popular it’s become.

She also claims most people can pull off a good buzz cut, and when done correctly it can look “badass”. It’s not all about aesthetics either. A buzz cut feels a lot more comfortable in the hot summer weather, as well as underneath a hat in winter.

The argument against shaving it off

Boston stylist, Van Capizzano, has a slightly different view on the buzz cut – it’s for bald men and college kids. He does however, support Candia’s argument that it’s often done to look “badass”. However, he claims men should hold on to whatever hair they have for as long as they have it. He claims styling can help you use the hair as an accessory and cover up any balding or thinning areas.

So, should you shave it off or not? Well, it’s all down to personal preference but there is an alternative…

Combining head shaving with SMP

If you are going thin on top, SMP is an excellent solution. It can help cover up balding patches, while you hang on to whatever hair you have left. Or, you can shave the hair you do have and use SMP to create a fully shaved look, rather than suffering with bald patches.

SMP is really taking off due to its long-lasting, zero maintenance results. It promises a completely natural result, providing you choose a qualified, experienced practitioner.

Overall, the shaved look is in and there are numerous ways to achieve it. If you’re going bald in places, SMP is a great way to cover it up and regain your confidence before you lose it all completely.


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