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SMP Information

Scalp Pigmentation was created by HIS Hair Clinic in 2002. Since then, the technique has been developed and perfected, and has helped thousands of men worldwide to regain their youthful looks and their confidence.

Originally created as the answer to one mans hair loss, scalp pigmentation is now a worldwide phenomenon. HIS Hair Clinic have worked extremely hard to gain the respect of the global hair loss industry, to the point where Scalp Pigmentation MHT® is now recognised as a true alternative to hair transplant surgery.

The history of Scalp Pigmentation MHT®

Following a difficult period in his life, HIS co-founder Ian Watson started to lose his hair. Coming from a medical background anyway, Ian searched the market for a suitable answer to his problem but couldn’t find what he was looking for. Hair transplant surgery was likely to result in significant scarring, hair systems weren’t his thing and he was concerned about damaging his scalp, and the various pills and potions available just didn’t seem to measure up to their claims. It was at this point that the “crazy” idea of scalp pigmentation was born.

Over a period of several years, co-founders Ian Watson and Ranbir Rai-Watson studied virtually every cosmetic pigmentation treatment available, from artistic tattooing to permanent make-up. Much of this time was spent in Australia and London.

It became apparent that none of these techniques could be successfully used as an effective Scalp Pigmentation treatment for hair loss, but by combining and customising different techniques, needles, equipment and pigments, an acceptable solution could be created. Following a significant period of testing, fine tuning and testing again, Scalp Pigmentation MHT® was developed and Ranbir Rai-Watson conducted the worlds first Scalp Pigmentation treatment on Ian Watson.

What has happened since that day has been nothing short of remarkable. Upon realising that the same technique could be used to help others, HIS Hair Clinic exploded onto the scene and started to get busy. Really busy. In fact, the enquiries were coming in from all over the world, from men of all ages, all ethnicities and from all kinds of backgrounds.

scalp pigmentation

Within a very short period of time, it became apparent that Ian and Ranbir couldn’t continue to run the business alone. At the time of writing, HIS operates 10 clinic locations in the UK, Europe, the United States and the Far East, and has just announced the opening schedule for 5 more clinics in the US, taking its total to 15 locations.

An inevitable by-product of its success are the attempts to replicate (or simply copy) our technique by other companies hoping to cash in on the new trend. Scalp Pigmentation services are currently being sold under many names, including “Scalp Micro Pigmentation” (or SMP), “ACHM”, “ACHM2”, the “Micro Hair Tattoo” and even “Cosmetic Transdermal Hair Replication” (CTHR).

They are all different names for Scalp Pigmentation services, but the quality of service offered by each company is definitely not the same.

scalp pigmentation (not HIS)

The client above went to a permanent make-up artist who claimed she could offer Scalp Pigmentation treatments for hair loss. You can read Raphaels story in this forum thread.

Whilst we welcome competition, it is unfortunate that many of these practitioners are not suitably qualified or experienced to guarantee acceptable results, as evidenced by some of the removal procedures we are asked to do.

scalp pigmentation

The photo above is of Jang, a client of HIS Hair Clinic. You can view his case study here.

Only HIS, as the original innovators of Scalp Pigmentation techniques as a solution for hair loss have 10 years experience, a large network of clinics and a standardised approach with guaranteed results.

We are also the only company to host a public forum, on which our past, existing and prospective clients can discuss, debate and share experiences without bias or interference.


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