Scalp micropigmentation on men of Indian ethnicity

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Getting treatment for hair loss is a life changing process for most people. It has to be something that they can rely on despite the progression of their balding condition. There are some who are apprehensive at first though eventually allow themselves to try out a remedy. Scalp micropigmentation is such a procedure that people can count on. It is a safe and proven method that can be implemented upon any type of hair loss no matter the stage it is currently in. Prior consideration is made toward a patient’s skin tone and facial features to create the most accurate hair pattern as possible.

Guppy Singh is a patient from Liverpool who started losing his hair when he was about twenty-four years of age. He tried some anti hair loss products to treat his condition but was unsuccessful. Frustrated, he left his scalp alone for around three years before he decided to search for a remedy again. He was able to find out about HIS Hair Clinic online by going through forums, Youtube and Google. Everything was positive so he decided to go through with a visit.
His hair loss manifested itself through a recession of the hairline with some thinning on the top of his scalp. He sought to receive treatment for it because he wanted to feel better. Balding affected his confidence and caused him to feel a bit self-conscious around people. He had other treatments done before scalp micropigmentation but it did not work out right. Guppy thought he had nothing to lose and decided to give scalp micropigmentation a try. He was intrigued and excited about the first session and his girlfriend felt the same way as well. There was nothing negative about it on the Internet no matter how much he searched. Its positive reviews made him look forward to having his procedure done even more.
Singh thought that the treatment went really well. Each session usually took about three or four hours to complete and the expected pain was quite negligible for him. He even admitted having experienced worse things than scalp micropigmentation. There was an awareness that something was being done to his skin however it did not result in any discomfort.
He was really happy with how subtle and natural the design turned out. Some friends found it difficult to detect if Guppy actually had something done to his scalp. They were a bit unsure until he finally told them that he had some pigments layered to mimic real hair. His friends laughed in amazement though they also expressed how good it looked. Singh describes the experience at HIS Hair Clinic as brilliant and fantastic. He could tell that the staff was looking out for his best interests and wanted him to have a positive self-image.
Balding can be a delicate matter for those who are going through it. The technicians understand that each case should be handled with careful consideration and in a relaxed atmosphere. Nothing will be performed without the consent of the client. They should always be prepared mentally before going further with the treatment. Guppy was able to appreciate how willing the practitioners were to provide guidance every step of the way.


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