Scalp micropigmentation in Dubai

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Scalp micropigmentation service in Dubai

The HIS Hair Clinic location in Dubai is one of the busiest and fastest growing scalp micropigmentation clinics in the world

There are many progressive places in the world, though none might be able to rival the speed at which a certain Middle-Eastern city has grown. Dubai has rapidly been able to cement its status as one of the leading cities in the world through its interests in real estate, tourism and finance. This is evidenced by the architectural wonders it has been able to create. The Burj Khalifa is currently the world’s tallest building while the Burj Al Arab hold’s the distinction as being one of the best hotels in the world. There is also the Palm Jumeira, which is a beautiful man-made archipelago created on the shores of Dubai. It is near this area, across Sheikh Zayed Road going toward the Dubai Marina where HIS Hair Clinic has chosen to establish their presence.
Visitors can find out more about scalp micropigmentation at our Dubai clinic located at:
Office 3306

33rd Floor
X3 Tower
Jumeirah Lake Towers
The staff at our location will be happy to conduct a free consultation upon prior booking. This is the only HIS clinic so far in the Middle East and the demand for our services might cause the availability of our practitioners to be limited. Every client however is important to HIS Hair Clinic. Calling to arrange a visit will ensure that a practitioner or consultant will be waiting to welcome you.
Scalp micropigmentation in Dubai
Clients are encouraged to ask questions during the consultation. Its purpose is to provide a better understanding of what scalp micropigmentation is and how it can help them with their alopecia. It is a discussion to express concerns and goals about hair loss and see if scalp micropigmenation is the right solution to use. The decision to push through with scalp micropigmentation must be done in the clients own time. Should they require more details about this procedure, the practitioner may on occasion arrange for a live demonstration. This would allow a visitor to witness a session being conducted on an actual patient. Please note this is not always possible, depending on availability and the wishes of the client being treated at the time.
Andrognetic alopecia can make any person self-conscious about their appearance. Some people can have a harder time coming to terms with it than others. It can cause them to withdraw from certain social functions just to avoid having their hair loss noticed. Getting treatment for it can also be difficult because of the uncertainty of its result. Scalp micropigmentation is something that people with male pattern baldness can definitely benefit from. Though it has helped many with their hair loss, there are still those who are unaware of what it can do. The free consultation will help provide more knowledge about scalp micropigmentation so that the client will have a full understanding about what it is, and its effects.
If you’re looking for scalp micropigmentation in Dubai, be assured that HIS Hair Clinic can fully service your requirements. It is equipped to provide the very best scalp micropigmentation not only in the city but in the entire region. HIS Hair Clinic is proud to provide its pioneering experience to the residents as well as tourists to the United Arab Emirates. Our highly skilled practitioners are excellent at creating flawless illusions of hair to camouflage any type of baldness, including alopecia. Some hair loss solutions are limited in its application to a particular type of balding. Scalp micropigmentation does not have such disadvantage in its use. It can readily provide concealment for any kind of alopecia through the use of pigments created with specialised pigments and expert hands of our technicians.


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