Scalp micropigmentation horror stories are far too common

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Hearing about failed scalp micropigmentation treatments can easily discourage a prospective client from getting it done.

Who can blame them? Nobody wants to have to go through the humiliation of having an unintended tattoo on their head. Some celebrities such as Mike Tyson would not mind having a recognisable mark drawn on his face. The big difference however is, he wanted it to be there. Most people who undergo treatment had no plan whatsoever to experience the same fate. In fact, what they want is the complete opposite.

No horror stories here. This is exactly how a quality SMP treatment is supposed to look

The strength of scalp micropigmentation is its ability to guilefully blend with a patient’s existing hair follicles to create an illusion of a full head of hair. It is a highly detailed process that involves mandatory steps, materials, equipment and training among other things. This might resemble having a tattoo but is far from it. The scalp micropigmentation industry has made many innovations and improvements with its processes throughout the years. It is true that its origins came from tattoo art however it now pales in comparison to its current method of application.
These two disciplines differ in many things and it is in its purpose where they diverge the most. Scalp micropigmentation is a procedure meant to camouflage hair loss. It allows the patient to walk freely, confident in the knowledge that his condition will hardly be detected.
Balding is a condition that some people are challenged to reveal, much less talk about. They undergo treatment so that their hair loss can be appear less obvious or not at all. This is why it is every intention and purpose of both the technician and the patient that a scalp micropigmentation procedure will remain hidden even in plain sight. Clinics can produce quality results provided that they use materials and equipment of the same standard. This should be coupled with experienced and well-trained specialists who ensure that it adheres to the agreed objectives.
Cheap clinics will offer their services for prices far below the market rate. They will call it a similar procedure though its results will often be far from it. A true scalp micropigmentation treatment does not result in blue heads. This result makes it resemble more of a bad tattoo, if anything. Using inferior quality inks are the main cause of this outcome. Neither will there be a chance of scalp infection. A technician will ensure that his patients are properly advised on the aftercare of their procedure and will take necessary steps to prevent this from happening due to his work. Contamination of the scalp is caused by the specialist’s negligence and lack or absence of proper advice. It is simply a matter of poor service. This basically boils down to cutting costs on materials and trained staff in order to pass off the so-called procedure as a scalp micropigmentation treatment.
There are other horror stories that can make potential clients very nervous. What is important however is that it can easily be avoided through due diligence and by doing a good amount of research before engaging in a clinic’s services. Coming across good feedback is also a big plus toward finding the right clinic. Note, there are clinics that generate their own to make themselves look more credible. Meeting up with actual patients may take a bit of effort but it might possibly the best way to verify the veracity of their evaluation.


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