New Product Spotlight: Kiehl’s Oil Eliminator series for men

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Skincare brand favorite, Kiehl’s, rolls out a new product line just for men completely dedicated to eliminating the oil and reducing scalp shine.

Whether you’re battening down the hatches on the east coast or pulling out the shorts and beachwear over here on the west coast, one thing remains consistent: it’s very much still winter. And winter weather, snow or sun, means it’s dry outside. And when it’s dry outside, you need to moisturize to protect and nourish your skin.
What about those of us out there that struggle with scalp shine? In recent weeks, we’ve fielded questions via email and phone from clients asking this very question.
That’s why it’s important to know what’s out there to keep your SMP looking it’s best. It’s important to keep the skin and scalp protected, and it’s great to curb that shine. So why not kill both those birds with one stone — that one stone being the new the Men’s oil eliminator anti-shine moisturizer line from Kiehls.
This new line from Kiehls provides with the complete arsenal to take on dry skin and get rid of the scalp shine to ensure healthy skin and natural look from your SMP. Kiehl’s gets so many things right with these new products. Knowing that fighting the shine on the skin and scalp isn’t just a one a step process, Kiehl’s has created an oil eliminating deep cleanse facial wash to go with it’s moisturizer.
Fighting the shine starts in the shower with a proper wash. The cleansers active ingredients of apricot seeds and salicylic acid work in conjunction to give your skin and scalp a fresh start from the dead skin cells and oily building up from the pores.
After the skin and scalp are clean, move to the next step of applying the 24 hour anti-shine lotion that utilizes a skincare ingredient made up coconut, rapeseed, and palm fruit (which, in clinical trials, has proven to aid in the regrowing scalp hair). The oil eliminator anti-shine moisturizer provides a protective barrier for the skin and scalp, locking in the moisture and preventing shine. This what the kids mean when they say ‘Win/Win’.
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