Micro Hair Tattoo – What Is It?

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As the original innovators of the Micro Hair Technique, we have noticed a significant increase in public awareness, as word of the technique has spread throughout the world. As an effective, safe and viable alternative to traditional hair transplant surgery, this is hardly surprising, however some of the terminology used by the general public to describe our technique, may cause some confusion.

The most common question we are asked, is about the difference between the Micro Hair Technique, and a Micro Hair Tattoo.

In reality, they are one in the same. The word ‘tattoo’ is used by some people, simply because for many, it is the easiest way for them to explain what the treatment actually entails. The truth is, however, that the MHT® technique is very different from a regular tattoo. The needles are different, the pigments are different, the penetration depth and angles are different, and importantly, the skills required to successfully perform the procedure are very different. The Micro Hair Technique, or a Micro Hair Tattoo, should not be confused with a regular tattoo, and should not be performed by a regular tattoo artist under any circumstances.


Whilst HIS Hair Clinics do not use the terminology ‘Micro Hair Tattoo’, it is likely that some clients will continue to describe our technique in this way. In addition, you are likely to find further references about our treatment throughout this site, using terminology such as ‘scalp pigmentation’ and ‘micro-pigmentation’ and ‘micro hairs’. These are simply alternative ways to describe our MHT® Micro Hair Technique.

If you have any questions regarding our treatment, or our technique, please feel free to contact us.


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