Insurance company refuses to reimburse cost of wig.

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bald man

bald manSpare a thought for one poor German chap from the town of Contwig who’s been told in court that his insurance company no longer has to pay for his wigs.

Judge didn’t agree that hair loss was disfiguring.

The man, who has lost all his hair in 1983 had been receiving free hair pieces but in 2006 his insurance company decided enough was enough and they stopped paying.  He took them to the Federal court on the basis that the condition was disfiguring but unfortunately the judge in the case disagreed.  “Typical male loss of scalp hair is neither an illness nor a disability… constituting the conditions for state insurance services to supply health aids,” the court said in a statement.

“It does not hinder physical activity nor is it disfiguring.”

There was however an acceptance that the condition could be disfiguring for a younger man and for women because it made them stand out.

Time to try SMP?

Maybe it’s time for him to move away from wigs and try something new.  They can be costly and require quite a bit of maintenance.  Then there’s always the possibility of it becoming dislodged in high winds or at the swimming pool etc.

With no hair at all left then a transplant would be out of the question but a great alternative could be scalp micropigmentation (SMP).  The procedure cleverly recreates the look of real shaved hair by layering microdots of pigment into the scalp.  A skilled practitioner will normally carry out the work over two to three sessions and the results are incredibly realistic.  Normally friends and family can’t tell the difference between SMP and the real thing.  The great news is that, unlike wigs, it’s permanent and maintenance free.  Most men report an instant boost in confidence after the procedure too.


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