Ian Watson talks scalp micropigmentation on BBC Radio Manchester

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HIS Hair Clinic co-Founder Ian Watson recently appeared on local station BBC Radio Manchester to discuss the merits of scalp micropigmentation versus hair transplant surgery.

The video is below:

A few quotation takeaways from this broadcast:

Hair transplants do work, but they’re not for everybody. The treatment we do at HIS Hair Clinic is called scalp micropigmentation and uses a very sophisticated pigmentation technique to cover the scalp to give people the appearance of a full head of buzzed hair. If you’re thinning, we can fill it in. If you’ve got scars, we can camouflage them. If your hairline has receded, we can recreate it and give people a very youthful look.
We see people from 13 up to 65, so these people come in with all kinds of mindsets. Generally, their confidence is lacking. When you start to lose your hair, you do feel older than you are, and you feel like people are looking at you differently. People come to us because they just want to feel normal.
Anyone considering this, or any kind of cosmetic treatment, they should do their due diligence and find out who is the best, because you can’t take risks with this.


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