How to style thinning hair

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style thinning hair

style thinning hairThinning hair is something which affects both men and women, especially as they get older. With age, the hair follicles can start to shrink, which can stop the hair from growing at all. It also causes the strands of the hair to become thinner, as well as start to turn grey.

While there are treatments out there which can stop and even reverse hair thinning, in the meantime there are ways to style to the hair to hide the issue.

It’s all about the right cut

According to expert stylists, the key to covering up thinning hair is to get the right cut. So just what is the right cut for hair thinning?

Well, firstly it’s best to keep it short. The longer your hair is, the more prominent the thinning appears. This is especially true for those with very fine hair. A shorter cut, particularly with layers incorporated into it, can produce a much thicker, healthier looking style. However, it’s best to avoid shorter layers as these can make fine hair appear even thinner.

Another styling tip is to give volume to the roots. If the hair sits flat against the head, it’s going to draw attention to the thin areas. However, when the roots are lifted, it gives the impression of thicker, bouncier hair. So, invest in some root thickening products and give that a go.

Why not consider SMP?

While the above are great tips for covering up thinning hair, they do take quite a lot of maintenance. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, long-lasting cover up solution then SMP could be a great alternative.

Frequently used to create a shaved head look, SMP can also make an excellent cover-up solution for thinning and balding areas. By targeting specific areas, SMP can shade the scalp, creating an illusion of thicker hair.

Small ink pigments are tattooed into the scalp, which look just like real hair follicles. As there are hundreds of different coloured inks available, it’s possible for practitioners to create ultra-realistic results.

As you can see, there are ways you can cover up thinning hair if it is something you’re concerned about. These days, you really don’t need to suffer in silence, there are plenty of treatment options available.


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