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There are a few reasons why you may wish to fully or partially remove an SMP treatment. As with any form of cosmetic treatment, we believe it is important for all clients to understand how it can be reversed if such action is required in the future.

One of the biggest advantages of SMP over other types of hair loss treatment is that if you change your mind in the future and want to reverse the process, or make an amendment to your treatment, this is perfectly possible.

Reason 1 – You want to adjust your treatment

Almost every client who was treated at a HIS clinic who requests a removal procedure, does so because they want to make an adjustment to their frontal hairline and/or side profiles.

We believe as time goes by, more and more people will request this service. That’s because the super sharp hairline you choose in your 20’s might not be so appropriate as you get older. If you had your SMP at HIS Hair Clinics, you are able to make whatever changes you desire at any point in the future.

The videos below show John who originally opted for a straight, fairly uniform hairline. After seeing some examples of our broken hairlines, John decided to adapt his treatment to incorporate this style of hairline.

This is Johns first video:

And his second video

Reason 2 – You want to completely remove your treatment

Since HIS was founded in 2001, we have treated tens of thousands of clients around the world. To date, only one client has requested a full removal. His treatment was fine, but the client simply changed his mind which of course, he is quite entitled to do.

Despite the rarity of such a request, we feel it is important for our clients to know that a full removal is possible should the option be required. Obviously we are unable to publish a video that details this process due to the rarity of such a request, however it is perfectly possible.

Our pigments can usually be removed in just one session, however some clients occasionally require two sessions. A full head removal follows the same process, just on a larger area so each session will be longer than a hairline adjustment, for example.

We anticipate that some people may wish to remove their treatments later on as they get older, and possibly in stages to make the removal appear more natural. This is another reason why we feel it is important for people to know that they always have this option.

Reason 3 – You want to remove a treatment received elsewhere

Unfortunately many companies and individuals are trying to capitalise on the growing demand for SMP treatments, and some of these companies have very little experience of applying this kind of treatment.

SMP is a highly specialised technique that has taken HIS since 2001 to perfect. SMP is NOT the same technique as used by tattoo artists or permanent makeup practitioners. If a company tries to tell you otherwise, we advise you to steer well clear. Ask to see independently verifiable evidence of their results before committing to any treatment. That’s why we operate a public forum, to enable our clients to share their experiences openly and honestly.

If you have received an unsatisfactory treatment somewhere else and you want it removed, we can help. Please be aware however that whilst our own MHT pigments are removed in just one session in most cases, we are unable to make any such guarantee with pigments applied elsewhere. Some people we have worked with needed ten or more sessions, an arduous process to say the least. Just see Raphaels story for a very real account of what can go wrong if you choose the wrong clinic.

Andre (below) had a treatment applied by a company he found offering ‘bargain’ SMP treatments on discount site Groupon. Unbelievably, the company that did his treatment claim to offer training to other would-be practitioners!

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