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SMP scarOne of the things that people often forget about until their hair starts to thin is scars on the scalp that might have been sustained at a much younger age.  You can happily go through life with the hair covering the offending mark or marks until suddenly it starts to become more obvious as hair loss increases with age.  In some cases the scarring may also come from previous hair transplants which have now become more obvious with the onward march of time.

The good news

The good news is that Scalp Micropigmentation is an excellent way of disguising scars. For those who aren’t in the know SMP in an increasingly popular means of dealing with all forms of alopecia.  Small amounts of pigment are injected into the dermal layer of the scalp by a skilled operative using fine micro needles.  The resulting look is a convincing buzz cut (as sported most recently by Prince William).  Over a couple of 2-3 hour session, using subtle tones and a whole load of expertise a remarkable, layered 3D look is achieved.

Every scar is different

If you think of a scar as a bald spot on your head where no hair grows it’s easy to see how SMP can often effectively be used to disguise the problem.  Every scar is different – some are raised, some indented and the colours can differ so it isn’t always as straightforward as the standard procedure.  It may take an extra session or two to get it right but the results are usually worth the extra bit of effort and time.

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