How does 3D scalp micropigmentation work?

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What is 3D SMP, and what benefits can it offer HIS clients?

A recent thread in our forum has sparked a lot of discussion around the possibilities offered by three dimensional SMP. The thread was picked up by many people, and we now receive numerous questions about exactly how the process works. It was also picked up here by a popular blogging site.

In actual fact, 3D scalp micropigmentation is nothing new. Recent discussions may have given it a label, but in reality we’ve offered treatments like these for a long, long time. The purpose of any scalp micropigmentation treatment is to replicate as closely as possible a full head of shaven hair. What we have always called internally the ‘textured effect’ is now being referred to as 3D SMP.

How is this look achieved?

The 3D effect relies on a range of different pigment shades being applied over the course of a clients treatment sessions. The pigments must be different shades as it enables some deposits to stand out amongst the rest. The usual practice is to use lighter pigments during the first (and possibly the second) session, slightly darker pigments during the second/third session, then a scattering of skillfully positioned dots using a much darker pigment is placed during the final session.


Depending on the clients individual treatment plan, this scattering could take place during the third session, or the fourth if one is required. In some cases these darker pigments are used during more than one session.

The client photographed above can be seen in the following video:

The process is straightforward enough for a skilled HIS Hair Clinic practitioner, however please be aware that other providers have attempted to replicate this technique with poor results. There really is no substitute for training and experience when it comes to achieving this effect.

HIS Hair Clinic invests more time, effort and money into practitioner training than any other SMP provider in the world. It is through consistent, first class development of our people that we have rightfully earned the respect of the global hair loss community, and a general recognition as being the worlds leading scalp micropigmentation provider. It is also through our commitment to training that the SMP technique can be developed even further, as demonstrated by the result shown here.

For more information about 3D scalp micropigmentation, please feel free to contact us.


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