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Houston is home to a number of private specialists, each offering services to those suffering the effects of hair loss.

Exactly which provider you choose to contact will depend entirely on what type of service you require. Houston hair clinic services range from hair transplant providers to hair system specialists, and now HIS Hair Clinics have announced the opening of a new MHT clinic in Houston, with a planned opening timescale of Summer to Fall 2012.

Houston hair clinic options – MHT scalp pigmentation

The MHT technique is fast gaining recognition as one of the worlds most innovative hair loss solutions. A permanent concealer for hair loss, MHT is non-surgical, leaves no scarring and requires very little maintenance.

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Houston hair clinic options – Hair transplant surgery

Hair transplant surgery is a common choice for those suffering with hair loss, and offers its own set of advantages and disadvantages. As long as enough donor hair is available, the effect achievable can be impressive, however limiting factors may include the cost of surgery, and scarring that is likely to result. Hair transplant procedures are regularly discussed in our forum.

There are several hair transplant specialists in Houston. Two of the most popular are West Houston Plastic Surgery Clinic and Aroca Hair Restoration.

West Houston Plastic Surgery Clinic – www.lookinggood.com
Aroca Hair Restoration – www.arochahairrestoration.com

Houston hair clinic options – Hair systems

Hair systems offer an immediate, non-surgical cover-up for hair loss, and enable the wearer to choose from a wide variety of different styles.

Many people find hair systems to be problematic as far as maintenance and ongoing costs are concerned. Hair systems can be quite difficult to live with, however this depends greatly on the wearers personal circumstances.

For those looking for a hair system provider, try Farrell Hair or Apollo.

Farrell Hair Restoration – www.farrellhair.com
Apollo Image Enhancement Center – www.apolloimage.net

Please note that although the above mentioned companies are well recognised in their respective fields, HIS Hair Clinics is unable to provide specific recommendations, and the above suggestions should not be interpreted as such.


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