Hair restoration sends male cosmetic surgery figures through the roof

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hair loss sends male cosmetic surgery figures sky high

hair loss sends male cosmetic surgery figures sky highMale cosmetic surgery is on the rise, and undoing the process of hair loss is one of the key causes for this!

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, men’s surgery numbers have risen by 325% in the past 20 years as men sign up for everything from liposuction and face lifts to nose jobs, and of course, hair transplants.

Why the increase in male cosmetic surgery?

Vanity or social pressures may be the cause of the rise. These stats wouldn’t be so surprising for women who have often dabbled with the latest cosmetic surgery practices. But it seems men are slowly catching up.

Hair loss is one of the main motivation for men to seek treatment. Male pattern baldness can cause men stress and confidence issue as they relate it to ageing.

But surgery comes at a price – for your bank account – not to mention the recovery time it requires. It is sometimes difficult to find the best surgeon, mistakes can be even more costly and being able to take the time out to have the surgery is not always possible.

Advances have been made to hair transplantation techniques that make scarring minimal and take less time and money, but there are other less-invasive procedures (that don’t involve a comb over or hair piece!)

No-knife hair loss options

As such, non-surgical hair loss treatments are also on rise. According to cosmetic surgery online community, more and more men are visiting the site and comparing before and after photos of hair treatments to see how they like it. Men are wanting to dabble with ways to give them the illusion of a fuller hair line.

While some opt for Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the non-invasive scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is also a winning way to give the appearance of a fuller hair line without having to go under the knife or break the bank.

It is a cost-effective solution that uses natural pigments dotted on to the scalp (hair line, crown or any bald spots), to give the illusion of real hair growth and resembling a shaved head.

There are ways in which men can satisfy their cosmetic urges and have the appearance of a full head of hair!


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