Excellent scalp micropigmentation results at our Chicago clinic

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Recently our Chicago clinic has been the location with its name up in lights, with several superb SMP results reported by our clients.

All HIS Hair Clinic locations offer world-class practitioners and the same high standards that our clients have come to expect from HIS. A significant part of the challenge when we developed the world’s leading SMP treatment for hair loss, was ensuring that we offered a process that was repeatable with the same high quality results, every time.

Following the launch of the world’s first Training Academy several years ago at our Birmingham clinic, this standardization was achieved. All our practitioners are trained in exactly the same way, and follow the same strictly defined process to ensure flawless results first time, every time.

Inevitably however, praise is still bestowed on individual clinics and individual practitioners. This is a highly emotive, personalized process and it is no surprise that our clients often develop a strong bond with the particular clinic they visited, or the person that completed their sessions. Right now, our Chicago clinic is receiving a huge amount of praise from members of our forum who have had treatment there. Here are some excerpts:

The first excerpt is from WooTown’s thread.

This client is 40 years old and from Ohio. He was a Norwood 6 before his treatment, and the change in his appearance is dramatic. To read his full story with the latest updates, see WooTown’s thread on our forum.


The next is from Crazycanuck’s thread

This client is in his late 30’s and started losing his hair in high school. After years of DermMatch usage he discovered scalp micropigmentation at HIS Hair Clinic and decided to pull the trigger. For his full story, see his personal diary thread.


This is from ShadowMaster’s thread

ShadowMaster had his first session in our Chicago clinic in June 2014. At the time of writing he was a couple of weeks post his second session and contemplating booking a third. He is currently working out his new shaving routine and has found that a wet shave works much better for him. To read his full story, please see ShadowMaster’s thread.


Finally lets see Mac5’s results

Mac5 is another Chicago client who started his sessions in June 2014. Again the transformation is dramatic, and he is very pleased with the results. He is currently contemplating a third session to complete his treatment. For the full story and to follow his progress, read Mac5’s thread.


This is just a small sample of the excellent results we achieve at our Chicago clinic, and at all our clinics around the world, every day. For more information please see the following resources:


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One Magnificent Mile,
980 N.Michigan,
IL 60611


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