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From the creators and innovators of Scalp MicroPigmentation, HIS Hair Clinic is pleased to announce a new combination treatment offering virtually zero maintenance and totally flawless results

As many of our clients are aware, HIS Hair Clinic acquired London-based Laser Clear in late 2012. The purpose of this acquisition was to offer an in-house laser removal service for those who may wish to adapt and change their new SMP style as they get older.

Further to this acquisition, HIS Hair Clinic has restructured the laser removal services offered to include a full menu of hair removal treatments for men and women. The new company, Laser Removal Clinic (LRC), now provides high quality hair removal packages to eradicate all unwanted body hair including facial hair, legs, arms, torsos and bikini line treatments.

Why is this important for our SMP clients?

We recognise the need for clients to have the ability to tweak and change their SMP treatments as they get older, and as their preferences and needs change. We all have different attitudes and styles as we age, so you need to know that the super sharp look you chose in your twenties can be made to suit the future you, whether you’re in your thirties, forties or fifties.

Laser is by far the easiest and safest way to remove SMP pigments, and enables you to adjust your hairline, create a sparser look or even remove your treatment entirely, if you choose to do so at some point in the future.


Ian Watson, HIS co-Founder, was originally treated with SMP in 2002, in fact he was the recipient of the world’s first SMP treatment for hair loss. By 2008 the technique had developed significantly, and he chose to sharpen his look. Four years later in 2012 he softened his look once more using LRC lasers and a small hairline re-application session at HIS.

SMP with even less maintenance

Scalp MicroPigmentation is already a low maintenance hair loss treatment, in comparison to traditional solutions such as hair restoration surgery, hair systems and concealers. All that is usually required is to keep the hair at the correct length using clippers, an electric shaver or a wet razor, to moisturise regularly and to take adequate protective measures during prolonged periods of strong sun exposure.

However in recent years, more of our clients have expressed an interest in a service that would reduce the required maintenance even further. This has led to the introduction of our new combination laser and SMP treatment.

What does this new combination treatment involve?

The primary maintenance task after a standard SMP procedure is the requirement to shave every 1-3 days, depending on the rate of hair growth. Our combination treatment involves the full removal of all remaining scalp hair prior to your SMP sessions, eliminating the requirement to shave.

Laser hair removal is almost painless – many clients liken the sensation to being ‘pinged’ softly with an elastic band. A complete removal is usually completed in 4-6 sessions, spaced approximately one month apart.

What are the benefits?

No hair means no shaving. Removing the need to shave the head altogether results in less maintenance so you can just get up, shower, moisturise and go. Clients with standard SMP treatments must shave regularly to avoid any blending issues between real hair and SMP pigments. This issue is eradicated with a combination treatment.

No shaving also means no irritation. Many men, particularly those with sensitive skin, experience razor burn following a wet shave. Even electric shavers like some of the Remington models we recommend can cause soreness for some clients. By removing the need to shave, irritation becomes a thing of the past.

Finally, there is the question of cost. A lifetime of wet shaving for example comes with a significant ongoing outlay for new razors and blade cartridges, and these products are getting significantly more expensive. The money and time saved can now be put to a more productive use.

Which clinics offer combination treatments?

These treatments are being piloted at our Harley Street location in London, however our intention is to make this option more widely available.

Where can I get more information?

If you would like to discuss a combination SMP and LRC treatment, or to make a booking, please contact our UK administration team on +44 (0)845 604 4618. Alternatively, please see the following links:


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