Detroit police hunt hair loss thief

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bald thief

bald thiefYou only have to see how far some people will go to deal with hair loss to realise that its effects can be genuinely traumatic.  One desperate thief was caught on camera in a Detroit Pharmacy last month stealing multiple boxes of the hair loss product Rogaine (known as Minoxidil in the UK).

Committed to a life time of medicine

The simple fact is that the hair loss industry is worth billions annually and treatment generally doesn’t come cheap.  The medications like Rogaine or Finasteride only work as long as you take them.  As soon as you stop then the hair loss continues as before committing you to a lifetime of paying for the product.

If you want to avoid the ongoing costs of medication then another option might be to raise some finance and go for a permanent solution.  Transplants have become much more successful over the last few years with new techniques that almost guarantee results and reduce recovery time.  Unfortunately, they don’t come cheap though and you can expect to pay upwards of £10,000 per procedure.

A permanent solution

An alternative to the transplant could be Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP).  At less than half the price of a transplant it’s a permanent solution that has virtually zero maintenance.  Over the course of a few sessions you can expect to see a 3d layered buzz cut style emerge from a completely bald scalp.  The secret lies in the way in which the practitioner applies microdots of organic ink.  The results can be astonishing with many men reporting that work colleagues, close friends and even family members being unable to distinguish it from the real thing.

At the time of writing the balding Detroit thief is still at large but at least the local police demonstrated a sense of humour in their press release “while this is not the most hair raising crime, we must protect out retailers.”



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